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2014 Spring Clothing Color Trends

Fall and winter has long been viewed by fashionistas as a time to “wrap up” not only figuratively, but in the colors and fabrics that we wear.  As Spring approaches our thinking changes to relinquishing those things to unveil a new way of enjoying fashion. ….is has always been viewed as a time of renewal, and this Spring brings a beautiful color palette of pastels mixed with richer hues and metallics.

Pantone, the leading authority on color trends for more than 20-years, has surveyed the top fashion designers to give us all a sneak peak of what’s to come for Spring.  Their results revealed that pastels ranging from blues, to violets, and every shade of green will be complimented with the colors of “sand and grays.  Calming, and seemingly a welcome to the coming of spring weather they bring a world of endless possible color combinations.  The pastels work extremely well with the neutral shades of khaki and grays, and create a sophisticated palate that works well for virtually anyone.  

Not all the colors are pastel though……you’ll be finding punches of vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and violets that will
work very well whether combined with  their pastel counterparts, or used in conjunction with the neutral colors.  The more vibrant colors can add that “spice” to any one’s wardrobe that takes it from ordinary to extraordinary.  Oh–and metallics are still going to play a very important role in Spring wardrobes too!



The cue for Spring should be, embrace the calm, but dare to mix your colors to create unique and dynamic ensembles.  Spice up those neutrals with a daring bold color, or perhaps a hint of a pastel. 

Just have fun and dare to be you!

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