5 Ways to Procrastinate

I was so excited when I sat down to write this post.
So excited I didn’t even feel like procrastinating. Imagine that!
The hardest part was keeping the post to 5 things. I could have made it 100 things I do to avoid work because I am a MASTER at procrastination.
Always have been. I am one of those people who feel they work better under pressure. I realize it’s not true most of the time. I’d be a lot less stressed if I didn’t always wait until the last minute to get things done. But it works for me.
I mean why do today what you can always do tomorrow?
“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” 
― Mark Twain
Though in today’s world wasting time is so much easier. The internet takes procrastination to a whole new level.

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If procrastination paid hourly. I’d be one rich chick.
I want you to know I put a lot of time and thought into what I would pick as my top 5 time wasters. After all with so many to choose from……
So without further ado….drumroll please……..
Netflix. I know. No great shock. In fact, I could have left #1 blank and let you all assume what was in the spot. Netflix is EXACTLY what you’d have guessed. AM I right?
I can almost guarantee that there isn’t a single person reading this post who doesn’t agree
How can a person resist? There are entire series, years worth of back to back episodes, at your fingertips.
Netflix is like potato chips. One episode isn’t enough.
All social media. Facebook and Pinterest are usually the culprits. Oh, and Instagram. Pretty pictures…what can I say.
And the refresh button. It could be a line all to itself, but I did say I was going to keep this to 5 things.
Today as I was working procrastinating, I refreshed my Amazon order page about every minute to see if the package schedule for delivery by 8 pm tonight had made it any further down the little visual timeline.
As if that’s going to make it come any faster.
Do you ever get mad when you refresh Facebook after 2 minutes and no one has posted anything interesting since the last time you checked?
Like seriously, don’t you people have lives? Oh wait….maybe they do and are out LIVING IT!
Naps. You know when you have a big decision to make, and someone says, sleep on it?
I take that literally. A lot.
Most often under the guide of closing my eyes so I can “think.”
Though the last time my daughter said I was thinking and snoring, so I’m not so sure she’s going to fall for that again.
Look in the refrigerator every 5 minutes waiting for something new to appear. When nothing sounds good, and you’re waiting, hoping, something awesome and tasty will jump out at you.
It drives me nuts when my kids do this. Yet, I do it to. Just not when they’re around. I need to set a good example you know.
Going office supply shopping knowing that perfect pen will kick start the inspiration. As I wrote last week, I have a bit of an obsession with office supplies.
I often make an unnecessary trips to the store to get a certain color pen or notebook. As if that’s going to help me.
What are your favorite time wasters? I’d like to hear so I can make sure to try them out. They say variety is the spice of life!

Join me for a free 5 day email course on goal setting to so you can achieve your dreams!

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— laina

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