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Come Visit Me Today

I was so honored to be able to write a guest post for the Chicklit Club. I hope that you will hop over there and visit and read about all the other amazing authors also hanging out on that site.

Where do I get my ideas?

I get asked all the time how I come up with ideas for what I write and my answer is a really clear, I don’t know. They just come to me at random times. It’s not like I sit down at my desk and tell myself I’m not leaving until I’ve come up with an… READ MORE »

Cupcakes To Die For

Before St. Patrick’s day I came across this fabulous recipe at Just A Pinch for Guinness chocolate cake. I finally had the time to make it and I am so glad I did. The whole family loved it. I swear it was the best batter and cake I had ever tasted and trust me, I’ve… READ MORE »

First Or Third Person

First, what is the difference? I know that most people have known the difference since grade school but just in case you’re rusty, here is an explanation in brief. First person is a view that is shown only through one person, usually the main character, and everything you write must be told through that character’s… READ MORE »

Weekend Update

Holding yourself accountable to goals is sometimes hard. Sharing them with other people can sometimes help with that accountability so I thought I would share them here and then each weekend talk about the upcoming weeks goals and previous weeks accomplishments. Right now it’s all about workouts, working, and gratitude. I posted a while back… READ MORE »

Fab 5 Friday

      Dear Readers, It has been 7 days since my last post and I feel really bad. Please forgive me. Now in my defense I was in Cancun with my kids and then San Diego at a conference. It was a week span that just took my schedule and threw it off the… READ MORE »

Crazy Excuse Troll

On my vacation I had plenty of plane time and was able to re-read some of Kristen Lamb’s books. In Are You There Blog? It’s Me Writer, she talked about the Crazy Excuse Troll. The thing that keeps you from doing what you should be doing to drive your business forward. For me my Crazy… READ MORE »

Fashionable and Affordable Sunglasses

I wear my sunglasses at night…..Ok…not really but I LOVED that song when I was in grade school!           Sunglasses are one of those items that are both fashion and function. I know for me personally even on semi cloudy days I wear sunglasses because my eyes are sensitive to the… READ MORE »

Best Laid Plans

I say that because it is Wednesday. I leave for a semi vacation on Friday and yet I am hopelessly behind when my goal this week was to get ahead so I could actually enjoy my vacation rather than have to work during it. In my defense my daughter was sick with strep Sunday, Monday,… READ MORE »

April is here

Happy April Fool’s day! While I’m not one for pranks, which is what we normally associate this day with, I do love the first day of the month. Any month. It’s like a fresh start 12 times a year. Today is even better because it’s actually nice out. Indiana has been hit hard with crazy… READ MORE »

Florida Fun

My junior corespondent, Allie, allowing us to share her great Florida vacation through pictures.