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Fantasy Author Sandy Lender

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Inspiration Makes it Fabulous
By Fantasy Author Sandy Lender

A lot of folks have asked me about inspiration. It’s a question that accountants and mechanics especially like to ask of creative types like artists and movie stars and writers. (Please notice how I just lumped myself in there with artists and movie stars. Cool, eh?) I don’t like to be glib because anyone asking the question deserves a real answer, but, honestly, everything inspires me.

Duran Duran, baby sea turtles, my companion parrots, sci fi shows/movies, thunderclouds over the Gulf at dawn, short elderly drivers in huge Lincoln town cars, bizarre chicks in L.A. bars, snow in the mountains, etc. At my fancy new website that launched in 2009, my letter to visitors tells of a funky incident from my early teens that inspired a short story in the first Choices-supporting chapbook WHAT CHOICES WE MADE, VOL I. At an earlier blog stop on this tour, I told of a not-so-classy moment from junior high when I called out a friend’s mom on her graying hair, which inspired a short story in the second chapbook WHAT CHOICES WE MADE, VOL II.

Something I know that fires the flames of inspiration for me is setting up my writing space. I participated in the annual 3-Day Novel Contest over Labor Day Weekends in 2009 and 2010, and found myself going through an almost ritual getting everything nice and “set” before the start time both years. What I’m curious about is readers’ “inspiration.” When you pick up a new book and prepare to crack open the front cover, do you need a special setting or a special mindset or some special music softly in the background to inspire you to drop easily into another world?

Thank you for checking in today and for participating in the conversation! “Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

The second short story chapbook supporting Sandy Lender’s Choices series includes the troubled love story novella: The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne. Rated PG for some violence.
Welcome to a world of dragons, magic, sword and sorcery. Dive into the legends that make up the history of the Choices series from established fantasy author Sandy Lender. Both new and familiar characters will enchant you. From families in peril to youth in scrapes, the men and monsters who shaped Onweald politics left epic tales in their wake for you…

As a special treat for Choices readers, this volume includes the love story of Ella and Rohne. She’s a general’s daughter with quite modern ideas about growing old at her father’s side. He’s a moody old god who’s used to getting His way. When they clash, she elects to run away with one of His guards. Catching the fugitives would be easier if the evil Julette’s minions weren’t crashing the party with her poisonous plans.

A stand-alone novella that newcomers to the series can enjoy, The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne offers suspense, horror, action, fantasy, and a sweet romance when an opinionated young lady faces her future–and a feisty god.

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2 Responses to “Fantasy Author Sandy Lender”

  1. I totally know where Sandy is coming from. I’ve been inspired by all sorts of crazy things in my own writing. Isn’t it fun???

  2. Sandy Lender says:

    It’s a joy to be on the fabulous blog today! Thank you for hosting and I look forward to answering any questions visitors may have…
    From Sandy Lender
    “Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

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