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What I’m Eating This Week: 6 Nights of Meal Planning

What I’m Eating This Week: 6 Nights of Meal Planning

Ok, so my husband has challenged me to fulfill a pretty big goal for the next 2 months: WE WILL COOK AND EAT AT HOME EVERY NIGHT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15th. Now, granted, he travels 1-2 weeks out of the month so during those times he will obviously eat out on the road and I will probably just make simple sandwiches for the kids and me at home. BUT, for the days that he is home, we are going to try to not eat out at all! This is a pretty big goal for us because while I think we’ve gotten much better at cooking and staying home, we still tend to spend way too much money on going out to eat.  We get into this routine of eating at home for 5-6 nights, but then when our refrigerator is empty, we tend to get by on Chipotle or Indian take-out for a few days before actually going to the grocery again.

So, in lieu of this lofty goal, I am planning out our meals for the entire week. We are also on quite the healthy kick and aren’t eating much meat at all, so most of my recipes will be vegetarian or fish-based. In case you need some inspiration for the week ahead, here are 6 nights of meals for you!

Monday Night: Vegetarian Pad Thai

Tuesday Night: Toasted Eggplant Sandwich with Crock Pot Black Bean Soup

Wednesday Night: Pistachio Panko Salmon with Mediterranean Bruschetta

Thursday Night: Tofu Masala Curry paired with White Rice

Friday Night: Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers with Avocado & Roasted Garlic Cream alongside Twice Baked Potatoes

Saturday Night: Garlic Shrimp Baked Penne

Sunday Night: Ok, so I have nothing planned for Sunday. I do need one night off from cooking. Surely, one of these nights we’ll have enough for leftovers!

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3 Responses to “What I’m Eating This Week: 6 Nights of Meal Planning”

  1. Laina Turner says:

    Sounds yummy….I need to try this. Planning is my downfall.

  2. Dee says:

    Ditto to what you said Laina,I love to cook but forget to plan

  3. Claire Bastian says:

    I 100% agree — if someone planned out my meals all the time, I would have no problem shopping and cooking every night!

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