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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness for World MS Day – Kicks off

Last weekend was a great event at the MS walk in Chicago. I am excited to be kicking off our 3 weeks promotion for increasing awareness for MS by offering my new Book Stilettos & Scoundrels with free shipping and $3 from each book to go to the MS Society.

The goal is to raise $3000 for MS.

3 weeks – $3000…..I know we can do it.


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Laina Turner

I’m not a celebrity, I’m not even famous for being famous (and nothing wrong with that), I’m an author (with 5 fans, maybe 6 now), entrepreneur, college professor, and more importantly divorced mom who even at over 40 has no idea what I want to do when I grow up. I just know I want to be the best in whatever it is I do.

My Fabulous Loves: Coffee, wine, hot yoga, hanging with my kids, writing, blogging, and helping other fabulous women to their true path of success.
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  1. Victor Lopez says:

    I was diagnosed with MS three years ago. This year it seems like it’s getting worse. I suffer from headaches that lead to migraines. I’m extremely emotional no one understands me. They think I’m worrying too much causing my headaches. I’m so lost. I need help.

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