My 1st Attempt at Minimalism

I had planned this post as a series. I bought this amazing course Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker and was so pumped to start decluttering my home. 

Last year I read Marie Kondo and spent time trying to declutter. I do have to say I’m proud that I accomplished one thing, clearing out my closet of tons and tons of clothes, but mostly because they no longer fit.

But I’ll take it.

I was excited to start 2017 with this 12-week program to declutter my home and my life. To find this peace and tranquility and non-cluttered home that my heart and soul had been searching for.

What a joke. I didn’t get past week 1.

And it’s not at all because of the course. I want to tell you that right now! The course was great. I read the work each week I just didn’t do it. Mr. Becker knows what he’s talking about and from all the Facebook posts in the private group a lot of other people agreed. It seemed very transformational for many people.

I’m sure it would have been transformational to me had I done it.

So why didn’t I do it? 

I’d like to list out my million reasons because I think they all sound pretty fantastic. But what it comes down to is I felt too overwhelmed about where to start, and the time it would take to ever get my house under control. 

Which is crazy because the reason I wanted to take this course in the first place is my home is completely out of control and I’m overwhelmed with how to get it back in order.

I paid for this course to get help and then I still made excuses. So here I am almost 6 months later determined to start over and get on with step 1 which is to declutter your car, your living room, and any other open community spaces.

And yet I’m still frozen. I was on Pinterest last night scheduling Pins and got sidetracked looking at all the home decor and home improvement stuff. 

There were so many gorgeous things on Pinterest. I do have a beautiful house that could be exactly what I want it to be if it wasn’t currently a cluttered mess. We haven’t done any of the finer touches since moving in because I didn’t want to do it until we had control over the clutter. 

Every time I feel I’m starting to make progress on the clutter it doesn’t last. I get tired of harassing everyone else in the house to do their part, and it gets cluttered again in 5 minutes. 

I often feel the situation is hopeless and I have to wait until every grows up and moves out of the house (including my husband) to make any progress on this. And I don’t want to wait that long. 

Mainly, because the plan is to downsize in 10 years when the kids are gone, and I don’t want to be that person who fixes up their house right before selling, so it looks attractive to buyers. I’ve done that before.

It got me thinking about how often we don’t start something because it seems too overwhelming as a big picture. And I know objectively that the first step is to break that big scary task into small manageable chunks and just get started. The excuses need to stop, or maybe I just need to whip everyone else in the house into shape (or threaten them it may work better). I need to have a different approach because no one cares about the clutter but me. But they do all understand that if mama isn’t happy no one is happy.

My natural tendency when I want to do something is to figure out how I can get it done as fast as possible. I don’t have the time to devote 3 weeks straight to decluttering my house which is what it would take. At minimum. 

So I made a schedule that goes through the end of the year using the order from the Becoming Minimalist Course just stretching it out a lot longer. I always preach slow and steady wins the race, so I should practice what I preach.

Since the kids are off school, I assigned more things to them than normal. Unfortunately, my son is having ACL surgery in a couple of weeks and is laid up now. I miss having his muscles to depend on. 

I’m also going to kick in some money for their efforts though I normally am not a fan of paying them for things. They live in my house and eat my food, so they need to do what I say. BUT I want to make it fun. Or at least as fun as possible. And I’m going to be gone for 2 weeks to NYC and Australia, and the kids already hate me. If I ask them to do work when I’m gone, I may come back to a mutiny, so a little cash will hopefully help.

Wish me luck and please, please, please, if you have any great ideas to help me with this journey I would love to hear them. I need all the help I can get.


— laina

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