A Visit To San Pedro Island, Belize

If you’ve never been to Belize or wanted to go to Belize, you’ll want to put it on your list.

Before this trip, it wasn’t on my list of places I was dying to go. Initially, my travel buddy and I had plans to go to St. Thomas because she had a friend she wanted to visit. But when the hurricanes went through the area that forced a change of plans.

I am so glad. I’m sure St. Thomas was nice, but Belize was amazing.

I do want to give a shout out to CheapCaribbean.com for making seamless travel changes for us. Considering the volume of changes they had to make due to the hurricanes, we were both surprised at the speed and efficiency with which they were able to give us other options.

Belize is in Central America, so it’s not quite as easy to get to though surprisingly we had zero travel issues. When we arrived in Belize, we had someone greet us and help us navigate customs to get to our next plane to get to San Pedro Island. I swear this might have been my favorite part of the trip. I’ve never had anyone meet me at an airport holding a sign. Thanks again Cheap Carribean.

Oh, and I can’t forget the cuteness of the reusable boarding passes. It was kind of nice to know they still do things the old-fashioned way.

There was a moment of concern when we realized we had to take a small airplane to San Pedro Island. And when I say small, I mean tiny. As in itty bitty. As in my SUV is bigger.


The view we were able to get off the land from the plane made us forget all about how small the plane was.

trip to Belize


trip to Belize

A short plane ride and bus drive later and we were graciously met at our resort the Belizean Shores. Someone was right there to get our bags while we went to check in.


The Belizean Shores isn’t a large resort, which I prefer when I travel. I also prefer off-season so there are not as many people and you can get to know the staff better. It gives you a richer experience in my opinion.

We skipped chess in favor of the pool and a drink. My husband’s last name is Sartori so when I found that was 1 of 2 white wine brands they carried, I thought it was pretty cool. The guy holding the bottle is Henry.

trip to Belize

The beach was gorgeous. Though due to the grassy nature of their shoreline Belize seems to be more of a scuba dining destination than a lay on the beach destination. From what we heard. I don’t dive but we did go snorkeling and Kathy got out on a paddleboat. I was writing when she did that and didn’t want to stop. I know, I’m BORING.


paddle board belize

At a place a little ways down the beach, Thursday nights at 6, they have an evening event called the chicken drop. Yes, folks, it’s much like it sounds. There are squares lined on a bingo board; they take bets on what square the chicken will “drop” on first (you know what I mean right?), then they put the chicken on the board and let him go.

People scream and cheer for the chicken to drop on their number so they can win the pool and free drinks. People were going nuts. We had several people tell us we had to check it out and we could see why. It’s hysterical watching people scream for a chicken to poop.
Oh, and not only does the winner get the pot and free drinks. That person also gets to clean the poop off the winning number to make way for the next round. Can you beat that?

chicken drop belieze

Right next to the chicken drop was a gentleman crafting wood bowls out of Ironwood. When I travel, I like to buy something that has meaning and isn’t an “I went to a wherever t-shirt”. I decided I had to have one of these bowls and Omar (the craftsman) was happy to oblige.

bowl belize


bowl belize

One of the things I really enjoyed about this trip was we were able to rent bikes and head to downtown San Pedro which was about 3.5 miles from our resort. It was a fun way to get in exercise and see the sights.

san pedro belieze

The downtown area was so pretty. Now don’t get me wrong Belize isn’t a rich country. The money ratio is 2:1. For several decades now the BZ Dollar has been tied to the U.S. dollar at an official rate of two BZ Dollars to one US dollar. The minimum wage there is $1.65 US, so you do the math when it comes to the standard of living.

 I was very intrigued by a retirement plan they have for people wanting to retire to Belize. You can look it up here, but the gist is if you can prove you have income from outside Belize to sustain you at 2000.00 a month and are over 46 you can get approval to live there fairly easily. I think it’s a brilliant plan. Infuse money into the country without taking any jobs that could go to Belizean.

downtown San Pedro Belize

downtown San Pedro Belize

Until 1973 Belize was known as British Honduras. In 1964 Britain granted British Honduras self-government. On 1 June 1973, British Honduras was officially renamed Belize. They’re still a commonwealth, and British military remained in Belize until the mid-1990’s due to issues with Guatemala who claimed Belize was rightfully a Guatemalan territory. A dispute which went back to the early 1800’s. It’s fascinating piece of history. I suggest you look it up.

As we enjoyed walking around the downtown area, we found a coffee shop. We American and our lattes. But let me tell you, Josh makes a mean latte.

And then a local beer to counteract the hot coffee.


While I did have to work on this trip, as is the nature of us writers, I didn’t care. I never mind having a 24/7 job when I can do it while watching a gorgeous sunset.

sunset belize


sunset belize

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