April Goals

And it’s April already.
April 10th.
That’s almost the halfway point.
Seriously, I know I said this in February (March was such a blur I forgot to update my goals) but time needs to slow down.
Though I’m glad, it’s spring.
Bring on the flip flops!
The goals I set for 2017 were pretty common:
• reduce debt
• lose weight
• make more money
This year what I decided to do differently was to take it slow. To focus on consistent progress rather than set impossible goals and get frustrated.
What can I say? I’m impatient.
I would rate March as an ok month. I made some progress but not what I wanted. I needed to remind myself several times about the slow and consistent progress part.
I did pay off the remaining credit cards in March. Now I just have those delightful student loans to deal with and I’d like to pay off my car.
The car will be my first to work on because the interest rate is higher.
My goal is to have it paid off my the end of this year which will be 2 years early.
Health and wellness
I have lost 10 lbs since the Slam Bam fitness contest started (Feb. 13th). It was 13 lbs before taking the kids on spring break. I am a little annoyed with myself for falling off the wagon.
The good news is there are 6 weeks left, and I know if I stay focused I can still make a big difference in how I look and feel.
Some of the gals and myself from the group signed up for a Spartan Race in July. That’s a mud run with obstacles if you’re not familiar. I’m trying to think more about being in shape for that. And trying hard not to think about what a bad idea it was to sign up in the first place.
What was I thinking?
Growing my business
I did launch my online author course – YAY me!
I have a small group of folks going through it and giving me feedback. I’ve been hesitant to promote it and if you want me to be completely honest its due to fear.
It’s crazy how we can let fear stop us in our tracks when logically our brain knows there isn’t anything to be scared of.
So I launch a course. What’s the worst that can happen? No one signs up? It’s not like the world is going to end or I will spontaneously combust if no one cares about it.
Starting today, I pledge to get over my fear and promote the darn thing.
Hey, if you want to make a living from your writing I can help. Sign up here using coupon code spring2017 for 50% off.
There. I promoted.
All joking aside I have to dial it up a notch with the promo thing.
You see I had a side project that I’ve been involved with for years. It paid well, extremely well, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t hate it either, but it wasn’t what I wanted to devote my life doing. It was easy money, and for years I’ve been afraid to leave it. Scared to take the plunge to depending on my writing for all 100% of my income.
I’ve had a million excuses over the years.
* I have 2 kids that I am 100% responsible for.
* Health insurance isn’t cheap and kids aren’t cheap.
* I wouldn’t be able to make it, and I’d be broke.
* It was stupid to walk away from a sure thing, direct deposit every Friday, to a monthly Amazon deposit IF people buy my books.
* I was still paying on student loans for a job that I no longer wanted. What was wrong with me.
* People would kill for the opportunity I had. Who was I to throw it away?
But every single excuse came down to fear. I used to be a fearless risk taker. But years ago when I went through my divorce and things got rough, I was left with less confidence.
That experience shaped how I’ve lived my life the last several years.
I’m a big believer in you can do anything you set your mind to, nothing is impossible, conquer your fear, and just do it.
I preach life is too short to not spend the majority of your time doing what you love.
So why wasn’t I taking my own advice?
I realized I needed to rip off the fear band-aid, stop thinking about it, believe in myself, and just do it.
So I did. Right before I took the kids on spring break, I quit. Today is the kids first day back to school and my first day without a safety net.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous but I’m so happy, free, and excited that I can hardly tell I’m a little nervous. And the nervousness I need to get over because it doesn’t change much in my day to day life. I won’t be able to afford both the kitchen remodel and landscaping the yard this year but who cares.
I’m going to be too busy writing to cook anyways.

Goals for the rest of April

Figure out a realistic plan for my car and the student loan debt and start chipping away at it.
Adjust my budget to incorporate the above plan.
Health and wellness
There are 6 weeks left of the Slam Bam fitness contest. I pledge to stick 100% to the food plan, make it to boot camp each day and add in some yoga and spin classes.
I am going to measure success on sticking to the plan regardless of getting the results. I can’t get hung up on that.
Growing my business
I have a million started but not finished projects. I spent yesterday listing them all, along with all my to do’s and then prioritized everything and putting it on my calendar.
Today I will start promoting my course like a boss . There are still tweaks to make, but I see that as an ongoing process. There will always be room for improvement.
My other main priorities, project wise are to:
1. Tweak the email goals course and finish converting to a PDF download
2. Tweak the full goals book and workbook for re-release May 1st
3. Finish the update to 4 things an author must know download
4. Work on the rewrite of Athena’s Holiday for re-release in June
The first 3 are small the Athena re-write is bigger and one I’ve had on pause since January. But I’m excited to see where things take me.
What’s on your agenda for April?

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