A Presley Thurman Mystery Box Set (Books 11-15)

Also includes a BONUS BOOK - Holiday Lights Out

Promotions & Poisons
Can Presley crack the case of her murdered co-worker before she ends up in jail?
Presley Thurman, the Human Resources manager at her company, is up for a big promotion and the only thing standing in her way is co-worker Gladys, who is also a candidate.

Presley and Gladys aren't the best of friends, so when Gladys turns up murdered Presley is the logical suspect.

It’s no secret she didn't like Gladys, but she certainly didn't kill her. Presley has to clear her name before not only does she lose out on this big promotion, but even worse - she ends up in jail!

Bats & Bling
Can Presley save the day for a charity Halloween ball that features her boutique’s merchandise, or will a murderer strike again before she can solve the crime?
Presley is excited to provide dresses for a charity Halloween ball that high-maintenance client Veronica Knapp is hosting. It’ll be great exposure for Silk. But when Veronica’s very expensive brooch is stolen from the safe at Silk, it brings on the kind of exposure Presley doesn’t want.

The brooch is found a couple of days later - on Veronica’s dead body and her husband is nowhere to be found. Is he the one who killed her? Presley aims to find out.

When Veronica’s friends want the show to go on in her memory, Presley cautiously agrees. Can she find out who killed Veronica before anyone else gets hurt?

Weddings & Weapons
Can Presley actually take a real vacation without murder and mayhem ruining her good time?
Presley heads to a remote Wisconsin town for a much-needed vacation. What should be a relaxing walk on the beach quickly turns more sinister when she sees a piece of driftwood – only it’s not driftwood, it’s a dead body.

Presley is adamant that she’s not going to let murder interfere with her R&R so she goes to an engagement party thrown by the neighbors she met on the beach. During the party another dead body turns up and Presley thinks maybe this sleepy town isn't as quiet as it appears.

Can Presley find the murderer before anyone else turns up dead?

Diamonds & Disguises
What would a marriage proposal be with murder?
Presley’s boutique, Silk, is finally exceeding expectations, as is her relationship with Cooper. He just took on a partner to handle the traveling aspect of Sands Security, leaving Cooper to run business operations from the home office in Chicago.

Finally, Presley and Cooper will be in the same city, which means the one barrier that’s prevented them from taking their relationship to the next level no longer exists.

Is a marriage proposal on the horizon?

Just when she thinks things are going in the right direction, a customer is murdered at Silk, and someone breaks into Cooper's office.

Can Presley find out who killed Susan and, more importantly, can Cooper find the traitor in his midst?

Keys and Kidnappers
Cooper is missing and Presley doesn’t know who she should trust – she just knows she needs to find him before time runs out!
Presley is worried when Cooper's assistant alerts her that’s he’s missed some appointments. Her worry turns to fear when a mysterious man calls saying he has Cooper and will return him in exchange for information Cooper has.

Can Presley find the information without Craig, Cooper's head of security, finding out? And where is Bill, the new VP of Cooper’s company? Is he somehow involved?

Presley is in a race against the clock to save Cooper. Can she find him before it's too late?


“This series is so good that I can't put the books down.” -Goodreads

“I so love this series. Presley Thurman is a joy to read about. I'm not sure I can say which book in the series is my favorite since I love all of them.” -Amazon

“An awesome cozy series that just keeps getting better and better. I love Presley and all of the characters and I love the humor.” -Amazon

“I find it very rare that books in a large series can each be fantastic. I am enjoying this series immensely.” -Amazon
“I so love this series. Presley Thurman is a joy to read about. I'm not sure I can say which book in the series is my favorite since I love all of them.” -Amazon


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