For Pet’s Sake

Finally, a cozy mystery anthology for pet lovers! Join your favorite authors as they share their love of pets in this brand new pet-themed collection of cozy mysteries.

Hisstory’s Mystery – Gretchen Allen
Just when Greta Lynn thinks she found the purrfect place for an overnight stay, the man next door is found dead and a curious game of cat and mouse begins.

Purrloined Bumpkin – Sam Cheever
A dead body, a missing cat, and a trail of blood and gems. Looks like Joey, Hal, and their adorable pet posse have another mystery to solve!

Killer Vacation – S.C. Merritt
Kate Kennedy had no doubt that a week on San Cabela Island is just what the doctor ordered after her recent brush with death. But when she gets pulled into a local murder investigation, can a new friend with "the gift" and a suspicious stray cat help her get back to her killer vacation?

Murder in Cottage #6 – Dianne Harman
When a spa guest is murdered hotel owner Liz Lucas vows to get to the bottom of it before her hotel guests flee the property. Thank goodness she has Winston, her guard dog, by her side while she hunts for clues.

Hot Diggity Dog – Magnolia Lily Plum
An award-winning pastry chef + a precocious puppy + a summer festival = a recipe for fun. That is...until a friendly bake-off between rival bakery owners turns deadly. When her puppy finds the murder weapon, baker Betsy Luna becomes suspect #1. With wedding season in full swing and her new puppy to chase after, she has no time to waste. She must follow the clues to clear her name.

Sophie’s Orphan – Summer Prescott
One rebellious teen plus one homeless kitten = a recipe for trouble.

The Penderhurst Pet Hotel – Donna Walo Clancy
The town’s health inspector is found murdered and Dora Penderhurst is now the main suspect. Did she kill the infuriating Mr. Horn to protect her fur babies and her home? Lily, the black lab, has all the answers.

Three Ring Murder – CeeCee James
Working at the circus is exactly what Trixie expected. What she didn’t expect was to find a dead body…but you know what they say, the show must go on!

A Witch Beginning – Susan Boles
Witches, a lake house and a bobcat named Bob for a mentor... what could go wrong?

The William Factor – Loraine Hudson
Who would lock an old lady in a closet and why? Miranda's search for answers brings her face to face with danger, but she has her cat by her side, and no one can defeat The William Factor.

Gumbo and King Cake: Peril at the Puppy Parade – Mildred Abbott
Mardi Gras is not for the faint of heart. Baker Eleanor Reese is ready with king cake for all until her landlord is murdered. Can she find the murderer in time? With Gumbo, her new dog and best friend, by her side all signs point to yes.

Quarrels and Quacks – L.C. Turner
Presley just won an RV so she hits the open road with her faithful mastiff, Bella, as her co-pilot. When she finds a dead body in the campground bathhouse she knows she needs to find the murderer. Too bad Camp Tranquil’s crazy residents are all suspects.

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