Writers Courses

The Author Roadmap to Success is coming in March.

Roadmap to Author Success – In this beginner course for the author starting their writing and publishing journey, you will learn and apply the following:

  1. What is takes to be an author
  2. Writing to Trend
  3. The importance of a good cover
  4. How to self-edit and find the right editor for your book
  5. The basics of formatting
  6. How to create your author platform

There will be 2 options for the Roadmap to Author Success course:

Option 1 – self-paced $97. 
Option 2 – Instructor-led $297. Course capped at 30 people for an optimal experience.

Early bird pricing is 50% off. Just sign up now (pay later when the course starts March 27th).

Each course has 6 modules that will each contain a:

  • Video lesson
  • Worksheet
  • Kick off webinar Q & A session
  • Private Community Facebook Group

However, the instructor led course will go one step further and provide in-depth interaction and feedback from instructor Laina Turner, published author and college professor, on each module. In addition, there will be a weekly webinar on each module. The webinar will be recorded for those who can’t attend.

I want to know about upcoming courses for authors!


Start your journey today!

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