Post It Notes Make Everything Better

I will admit right from the start that I have a problem. My name is Laina, and I have an addiction to office supplies.

It’s not just a simple addiction. I actually use office supplies as a form of self-medication. To make myself feel better, more able to tackle a project that scares me, or to calm me down when I feel like I’m buried under work and I don’t know where to start.

Nothing calms me down as much as a new cool looking journal or colored fine point sharpie or gel pen. I don’t even have to use the office supplies I buy. Just have them nearby. You know, in case.

I purchase these items and hoard them for when I’m in need.

And the wrath that may befall anyone who touches them.

Once back in 2007, I had this journal that I was saving for a special occasion. It was in my laptop bag, untouched, waiting for me to find the right moment to use it.

One day my now ex-husband and I were at breakfast, and it was sitting on the table. He grabbed it and wrote I love you on the first page. I flipped out.

I felt he had desecrated my journal and now it was unusable. Of course, he thought I’d lost my mind (looking back I may have overreacted a little), but you know 10 years later and that journal is still on my shelf. I’ve never used it, but I can’t bring myself to throw it away.

I even started a novel called, Don’t write in my Notebook, because of the experience. It’s 80% finished and sitting in my I really need to finish this file.

Don’t worry, that’s not why we got divorced.

What’s taken me years to realize about my obsession with office supplies is that it’s ok. If something a simple as a green gel pen makes me feel more productive then so be it.

There are many worse things out there to rely on that make us feel better.

These are the kind of quirks that makes all of us who we are as women. So often we have this idea of who we should be. That perfect mom, wife, friend, daughter and that image we project in our heads can come with so much pressure.

Self inflicted pressure.

Pressure that’s not necessary.

I know I put that pressure on myself all the time. I constantly judge every move I make and think.

Am I a good friend, wife, or mom.

Am I selfish if I want to go to yoga or out to coffee with a friend and not stay home where my family is?

In my mind, I know that a happy me makes life better for all those around me. I also know that my kids (11 and 15) are more than capable of being without me for periods of time and can understand that I am my own person and I sometimes need a break from the constant chauffeuring and social calendar organizing I do for them to have some ME time.

To recharge my batteries and frankly be nicer.

But then why does it make me feel so selfish?

Because I compare myself to others. The ones who make life look easy. I look at moms who have 4 kids to my 2 and seemingly juggle kids, family, work, and their own fun, effortlessly and look perfectly happy and content doing it.

Being Fabulous Rule #1

Never compare yourself to others. Whether it be personally or professionally. We all walk a different path, and you never know what’s going on in someone’s mind or in their home behind closed doors.

Comparing yourself to someone else takes up valuable time and energy that could be better spent on being a better YOU.

Being Fabulous Rule #2

Don’t assume someone life is perfect. The chances are that the perfect mom you see picking up her kid from school looking like she just stepped out of a salon while you’re not even sure you have 2 matching socks has her own insecurities and fears.

Being Fabulous Rule #3

Be happy with your life. Don’t wish you had someone else’s. It’s so easy to be jealous of someone’s life. The life YOU see.

The person going on a trip that you would love to go on.

The person who is a size 6.

The person who drives that awesome Audi Q7 you see every day in the carpool lane (man I want that car).

It’s normal to feel like we’re not good enough, not doing enough, not getting where we want to be, but negative self-talk does nothing but makes us feel bad.

Only actions can improve things. So when you feel this way figure out what action you need to take to make the changes, you want to see in your life. Don’t live passively. Go after what you want.

What does Being Fabulous Rule #1, #2, #3 have to do with office supplies? Nothing really. My point here was to show you an example of my own personal quirkiness and encourage you to embrace your quirks, your imperfections, your insecurities.

To be ok with working on YOU in whatever way you need so you can be better for those around you.

We are all perfect just the way we are. Flaws and all.

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— laina

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