Why Travel is Stressful

 I was in Belize last weekend (post coming soon I’m still editing photos) and I fell in love. However, we weren’t in some high-end resort with all the comforts of the US.

Now I’m not one of “those people” who expects the world to all be the same. I mean if that’s what you want why travel? Traveling is a great way to experience things we aren’t used to.

But as we were “roughing it” my travel bitch Kathy (her words not mine) and I came up with a list of things that caused us to stress out. Things, not even a glimmer of a thought 10-15 years ago.

Dying batteries – when you have an iPhone, and iPad, and a Macbook you would think you’d have enough juice between the 3 to make it. Not so much. To watch your battery start to dwindle from 100% to 80%, to 60%, and then you get to that dreaded 39% because it is all downhill from there. Is stressful. Where is your next charge going to come from? What happens if you don’t have time to charge your devices before leaving again? What order do the devices need to be charged in if there aren’t enough outlets?

Not enough outlets AS IF!

Plug abundance – In the states, if you’re at an airport, even a small one, there are outlets abound. If it’s busy you might have to fight someone for one. But if you wait long enough they’ll have to go the bathroom, and you can snatch it.

Hotels in the States have desks with extra outlets, lamps with built-in outlets, and wall plugs usually have 4 or 6 outlets. Hell, I have a power strip in my car for the kids in the back.

When you’re in Belize outlets clearly weren’t the priority when planning buildings. It’s like they think we’re going to be outside enjoying the sandy beaches or something.

No wifi – it’s fun to talk a good game. About how excited you’ll be who you unplug from the world. When you’re not “being bothered” by texts, social media, or emails. But when you’re faced with the reality of stepping off that plane, turning on your phone and getting nothing. The anxiety sets in.

You’re asking yourself what if there is an emergency? How will I keep up without Facebook? Your entire life is consumed with where you’ll get your next fix of social media.

Who cares you’re in the tropics. You don’t know what everyone else is doing. Or rather what everyone pretends they are doing because let’s face it, we often post the awesomeness we WANT people to think our life is. Not what it actually is.

Then to make matters worse once you get to wifi after being without it for hours you turn your phone on waiting for it to ping like crazy with the millions of messages. Only to find out no one desperately needed anything from you. I’m pretty sure my phone was broken most the time I was there and just bounced back messages, or I’m sure there would have been more.

Slow wifi – the only think worse than no wifi is slow wifi. I say it’s worse because when you don’t have it, you don’t have it. No texts, Instagrams, emails, Facebook posts going in or out. But when it’s slow and sending that perfect picture is RIGHT AT THE TIP OF YOUR FINGERS…..OMG, the pain. It’s excruciating.

No Starbucks or lattes of any kind – I am fine drinking black coffee much of the time. In fact, I only get a latte maybe 15% of the time I go to a coffee shop. But to not have the option makes me crave one. How do people live without lattes?

Who CARES that it’s never cooler than 86 degrees. Lattes people. We need lattes!

We did finally find a coffee shop in town where this awesome barista named Josh made the best latte I’ve ever had.

Transportation – where is uber when you need it? I do admit I loved that when you talk about taxis in Belize, you have to make the distinction between water taxi and land taxi. But that’s where it stopped.

Both taxis ran on a schedule. A SCHEDULE! There was no app where I could punch in my route and get someone to my door in 5 minutes or less day or night.

I actually had to show up at one certain spot down from the hotel 15 minutes early to check in for the taxi. And wait if they were late (Belizean time you know). 

I know as you read this post you were wondering how I made it. How I survived such deplorable conditions. I know, it was rough. But the amazing weather, the wonderful people who couldn’t have been nicer, and the gorgeous ocean made it tolerable.

What comforts can’t you live without?

Please note this post was written in jest. I’m not this much of an entitled traveler and my real Belize post coming soon. But don’t wait. Book your trip now. You won’t regret it.


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