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You know when you get excited because you’ve been working on something really hard and are finally seeing it come to fruition?

Yeah, that’s me today (insert happy dance).

Earlier this year I launched a very modest free writers resource page to help writers who were looking to make a career as an author.

I received a great response and had people asking for more tips, tricks, tutorials, and free courses. It was exciting to see so many people wanting, needing, and using the resources that of course, I wanted to provide more.

I’ve spent the last few months putting together just that.

A Writers Resource Collection & Courses

(I’m still trying to think of a snazzy name is you have any ideas).

This collection contains multiple levels of resources to fit the need of authors regardless of what stage they’re at. And I’m really proud of what I came up with.

Level 1 and Level 2 are. Right now I’m offering a free 3 week trial to level 2  so I can test the system before my official launch Nov 1st. I would love to have yo join and get your feedback. I need your feedback! It’s easy to cancel so after the trial period you can downgrade to free level 1.

Why is this writers resource collection different from others out there?


I don’t talk much about what I do outside of blogging and writing fiction but I have been a college professor since 2004. I’ve held the position of Assistant Dean of Curriculum at an online university and an Associate Dean of the College of Business at a state school where I live (among others). So I have a good understanding of education and how to best deliver it.

I still currently teach online and am an Instructional Designer for the Jack Welch Management Institute. And if you’re not familiar with what an Instructional Designer does they create content for students.

When I look at what is different between courses us bloggers sell and college courses there isn’t a lot. Of course, there are some crappy courses out there but there are also crappy universities. But I’ve taken online courses from other bloggers that were amazing. Tons of materials, great videos, and tutorials, well presented etc. But the one thing that is usually missing that most college courses have is the discussion/feedback/ engagement piece.

Now I know a lot of that comes from scalability. If you’re a blogger you don’t have a team of college professors to engage with students so you have to be practical.

So I sat down with some of my university peers and they helped me create an outline of a course that would allow for the one on one or small group feedback.

Levels 3,4 aren’t ready for release yet (Nov 1st) yet but they will have all the content of 1, 2 plus challenges, feedback, small group work etc. I will be launching those levels Nov. 1st. There is limited space each launch due to the feedback piece and how I want to keep it feasible. But current members will get first dibs on those levels when they’re ready.

I can’t wait to work with all of you.

Join Level 2 FREE for 3 weeks today!

Happy writing!

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I hope you enjoy! Make sure to drop me a line and tell me how you liked them.

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— laina

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5 thoughts on “Writers Resource Collection & Courses

  1. This is so exciting! It’s great that you can take your skills and experience as a college professor and share it with the rest of the world. I look forward to checking out the resources.