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A Presley Thurman Mystery Box Set (Books 13 – 17)

Join Presley Thurman, and her canine sidekick Bella, on their amateur sleuthing escapades with this box set!

Diamonds & Disguises

What would a marriage proposal be without murder?

Presley’s boutique, Silk, is finally exceeding expectations, as is her relationship with Cooper. He just took on a partner to handle the traveling aspect of Sands Security, leaving Cooper to run business operations from the home office in Chicago.

Finally, Presley and Cooper will be in the same city, which means the one barrier that’s prevented them from taking their relationship to the next level no longer exists.
Is a marriage proposal on the horizon?

Just when she thinks things are going in the right direction, a customer is murdered at Silk, and someone breaks into Cooper’s office.

Can Presley find out who killed Susan and, more importantly, can Cooper find the traitor in his midst?

Keys & Kidnappers

Cooper is missing and Presley doesn’t know who she should trust – she just knows she needs to find him before time runs out!

Presley is worried when Cooper’s assistant alerts her that’s he’s missed some appointments. But when a mysterious man calls saying he has Cooper and will return him in exchange for information Cooper has Presley is terrified.

Can Presley find the information without Craig, Cooper’s head of security, finding out? And where is Bill, the new VP of Cooper’s company? Is he somehow involved?

Presley is in a race against the clock to save Cooper. Can she find him before it’s too late?

Icicles & Icepicks

Can Presley and Cooper celebrate their engagement, or will a murderer derail their plans?

Presley and Cooper think a weekend getaway to Thief River Falls will be the perfect way to celebrate their recent engagement. But instead of a tranquil few days in a warm, cozy cabin Presley finds the groundskeeper dead in the snow, and the last thing on her mind is relaxing.

It’s no surprise to Cooper that she can’t help but want to figure out who killed Josh Greenlee. Will he join her in her investigation or try and keep her from finding out who killed Josh before they strike again?

Flowers & Felonies

Love isn’t the only thing in the air this Valentine’s Day…

Presley’s getting ready for an action-packed Valentine’s Day at her boutique, Silk.

When she comes into work early one morning to prepare for the rush of shoppers buying Valentine’s Day gifts, she takes out the trash only to discover the dumpster is full.
With a dead body!

The victim happens to be the employee of her friend Tammy, who owns the flower shop two doors down.

Tammy asks for Presley’s help to find the killer and Presley finally might have met her match.

Can Presley save Valentine’s Day… and herself?

Elves & Embezzlement

‘Tis the season… for murder?

Presley Thurman and Cooper Sands (and Bella, too!) have returned to Hunter’s Hollow just in time for their Christmas Eve wedding. But when Winston Rose is murdered in the parking lot of Sue Thurman’s flower shop, the police peg Sue as their number one suspect.

Presley knows her mom is innocent but can she convince the police of that?

Presley and Cooper think maybe it’s best they cancel their wedding and focus on Sue’s legal troubles, but she won’t hear of it. She wants her daughter married on December 24, even if the mother-of-the-bride is in jail.

Can Presley find the real culprit AND get married to Cooper? This just might take a Christmas miracle.

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