About Me

Yay!! I’m thrilled you were interested enough to know a little more about me to click the button. I’ll try not to disappoint you but unfortunately, I’m kind of boring.

I’m a blogger, a fiction writer, writing coach, a college professor, and don’t forget the most important job I have (according to my 12-year-old daughter)…CHEER MOM!

pic syd 2 About Me

Sydney is the one with the cheer bow.  You know just to clear up any confusion.

If only I could have my own reality show.

I have 2 wonderful kids, an amazing step-daughter, I’m on my 2nd husband but am still besties with my first, and I have a fondness for my son’s bearded dragon.

That thing is so damn adorable.

Yeah, I know. I called a reptile adorable. But seriously…look at this face.

sosa 2 About Me

I’m not a good cook, though I can bake quite well (thanks to both grandmothers). I’m horrible at interior decorating. We bought our current house 3 years ago, and all the walls are STILL blank because I can’t decide what I want to put up. Well, that and the fact my husband and I do NOT have the same taste.

I love coffee, wine, and anything pumpkin flavored. I like the idea of working out but not actually doing it. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I also enjoy nachos. Those 2 things don’t work well together.

I’m sometimes a mess, but I’m also awesome. I’m not perfect, but I’m me. And that is a cool thing to be.

Like mysteries? Then check out the books I’ve written here.


Stay fabulous,