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A Presley Thurman Mystery Box Set (Books 5 – 8)

Get the Presley Thurman series books 5 – 8 in one box set!

Join Presley Thurman, and her canine sidekick Bella, on their amateur sleuthing escapades with this box set!

Gems and Gunshots

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Presley would prefer a relaxing West Coast vacation instead.

Presley heads to San Diego to hang out with Cooper and enjoy the California sunshine. She didn’t expect that while hanging out at the local coffee shop she would be a witness to a robbery and murder at Gemstone’s Unlimited.

Much to Cooper’s dismay, Presley feels compelled to investigate. She discovers that not only was the store owner a womanizer, but he was also filing false insurance claims for diamonds that weren’t really stolen.

Was that why he was being blackmailed? Was that why someone robbed his store? Presley is determined to find out!

Tiaras & Texans

Presley is knee deep in tiaras, tantrums, and entitled beauty queens. Can she find a murderer before she loses her patience with the pageant circuit?

When Presley wins a bet with Cooper, she thinks she’s finally going to get her chance to work for his security company.

She knows she’s got the potential to be a great asset to his security detail and is miffed when her first assignment is to protect a bunch of self-absorbed beauty queens at a Texas pageant.

Though she had been hoping for something a little more exciting, Presley soon finds her gig might be more than she was looking for when one of the beauty queens is murdered, and the fierce competition leaves many potential suspects.

Can Presley find the killer before anyone else turns up dead?

Cupids & Crooks

Can Presley finally relax and enjoy a surprise vacation with Cooper, or will murder derail her fun in the sun?

Presley is thrilled when Cooper surprises her with a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas. Presley’s agenda of no work and all play is ruined when renowned Mexican soap opera star Lucia Vegas turns up dead in the hotel pool—and it’s not an accident.

Presley can’t help but wonder who murdered Lucia. When her ever-present curiosity kicks in, she decides to solve the murder.

When she meets a reporter named Belinda, who shares her theory that Lucia was just one of a string of murders targeting young actresses, Presley has to solve the crime — vacation or not!

Vows & Victims

Can Presley save her friend’s wedding day and catch a killer?

Even though Presley thinks her best friend, Katy, is making a huge mistake, Presley goes home to Hunter’s Hollow to help her plan her wedding to Chris.

When she finds realtor Bethany Granville dead in Katy’s salon, wedding plans suddenly aren’t the most pressing concern. Katy didn’t even know Bethany, and the ever-curious Presley wants to solve the murder before it affects Katy’s business.

As Presley investigates, she finds more questions than answers. How did Katy’s fiancé know Bethany? Why was her body in Katy’s salon?

Things get even more precarious when their ex-friend, Dirt, escapes from prison. Is he on his way to their small town to finally get his revenge?

Presley’s quest to find the answers just might hurt the one person who is innocent in all of this – Katy.

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