Accessories & Alibis


Taking the wonderful opportunity to buy the now failing retail boutique where she used to work, Presley thinks she’s finally about to embark on her new career—Silk might be her chance to make her mark on the world.

The excitement is short lived when, on the first day of business ownership, store manager Roxanne is arrested for murdering her boyfriend. Roxanne insists she’s innocent and asks for Presley’s help to clear her name. Presley believes her and tries to help, but she has a boutique to get up and running. Things at Silk get even worse when Presley finds out someone has been ordering merchandise using company funds, but none of it can be found in the store. Who is stealing from Silk? Did she make a mistake in buying the shop? Has she been too trusting? Presley knows she needs to find out the real story with Roxanne before Silk crumbles around her.


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