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Dunes and Dead Bodies A Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery Book 6

Matchmaker Cassandra Collins is no match for murder.

Trixie Pristine, owner of Read Wine bookstore, heads to Sand Dunes Resort and Spa for a 4-day Women in Business Conference hosted by Cassandra Collins, motivational speaker and the owner of a matchmaker service.

When Trixie meets Presley and Tillie at the conference, she knows she’s found some lifelong friends. But will those new friends help her find out who killed Cassandra Collins after she drops dead on stage?

Which suspect will they focus on? Will it be one of Cassandra’s matchmaking competitors, a member of her family or maybe her mistreated assistant finally had enough abuse?

Can the three friends solve the crime and learn how to win in business?

What Readers are Saying

Talk about female power! Each and every character had intrigue and charisma. L. C. Turner skillfully brought these women alive. This was a page turner mystery and an amazing story line. Loved this book and recommend this to be added to your must read list!

—Barnes and Noble

Author is new to me but noted that this could be read as a standalone, so I jumped in. Will definitely read more by her.
Good pacing and level of detail. Characters are fleshed out enough to be believable. And dialogue rang true for me. About midway through the book, I was thinking that Presley should have her own series – turns out she already does! Looking forward to reading those. Good mix of mystery, with some humor and a little bit of danger.


This fun cozy mystery has lots of twists & turns and fun characters. The storytelling is skilled and will keep you turning pages.


Trixie meets Presley and Tilly at a business conference where they investigate betrayal, deception, and murder. I enjoyed this mystery and especially how these three characters bonded during their experiences.


I very much enjoyed this book! A crossover (it’s book 6 in the Read Wine Bookstore series, but Trixie meets Presley from the Presley Thurman Mysteries, which was super nice! And also Tillie, so Trixie is making some great new friends!) You could totally read this as a standalone, BTW. An amazing book! A page turner! Three nosy ladies and a suspicious death, well, when they start investigating the murder, better watch out, lol.

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