Haley’s Holiday – A Moonshire Bay Small Town Romance Book 6

Haley Holmes is a life-long employee of Pet’s Paradise in Moonshire Bay and someday she’ll be able to realize her dream of buying it from the owner. She just didn’t expect that day to be now, right before Christmas, and she sure didn’t expect to have to come up with the whole purchase price without a loan from the bank.

Max Burns is restoring the old lighthouse in town while he’s on sabbatical from his job in Detroit. When his Labrador retriever, Wendy, goes missing he sure didn’t expect a beautiful woman to return his dog.

The countdown to Christmas is on and Haley and Max just might need a Christmas miracle to save them from a deadbeat ex, a meddling son, a failed business loan, and a holiday deadline.

It’s going to take a whole lot of small town magic to get these two together. Luckily, Moonshire Bay is the perfect place to be during the holiday season.

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