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Moonshire Bay Small Town Romance Box Set (Books 1-5)

This box set features books 1 – 5 in the Moonshire Bay small town romance series.

The Moonshire Bay series is small town, sweet romance at its best – Hallmark-style with a HEA. Each story is connected but can be read as a standalone.

Ari’s Adventure
In what seems like an instant Ari Evans’ life implodes, so she flees to Moonshire Bay to let the small town heal her. One thing she knows she doesn’t want—a relationship.

Jack Callahan has been playing it safe. Living in Moonshire Bay allows him to coast through with his shields up and blinders on, never truly experiencing life.

So what happens when Jack and Ari start working on a project together? Can their newfound friendship and attraction overcome their lack of trust?

Photographing Kate
When Kate Hamilton’s husband is sentenced for embezzlement and fraud, she loses everything. Kate can’t think of a better place to start over than Moonshire Bay.

Zach Elstoy is the town attorney and a confirmed bachelor. He came close to marriage once and that experience was enough for him to vow never to take that risk again.

When Zach meets Kate, sparks fly. But Kate has a different kind of vow from Zach’s – she’s had her fill of lawyers after her ex-husband’s case and their divorce. She wants nothing to do with him or his profession.

Zach brilliant idea is to trick Kate so he can get to know her better. When she finds out about his deception, this might be one case he can’t win.

Lucy’s Last Chance
Lucy Cartwright was a high-powered attorney who had it all… until she didn’t.

Broken, with nothing left from her old life, she flees to Moonshire Bay to start over as a yoga instructor. This time around, she is determined to find inner peace in all things.

Brandt Holden, Moonshire Bay’s mayor, is running for governor and running after Lucy. But he offers her none of the peace she craves with his drive and need for success.

Can Lucy realize she’s stronger than she thinks and should take a chance on love and Brandt?

Sophie’s Secret
Hollywood star Sophie Beagen arrives in Moonshire Bay tired, broke, and searching for peace. Anxious to forget her old life and the mess she’s made of it, Sophie is determined to start over.

George “Jet” Harvey has lived in Moonshine Bay his whole life. Once a star baseball player, he’s now the town mechanic.

Sophie is finally starting to adjust to small town life when her former boyfriend shows up in town to get her back and he’s not taking no for an answer.

When Jet decides Sophie needs to move in with him so he can keep her safe, it’s either the best idea he’s ever had—or he will crash and burn spectacularly. 

Haley’s Holiday
Haley Holmes loves animals and loves her job at Moonshire Bay’s local pet store. Someday she plans to buy the store when the current owner retires. She just didn’t expect that someday to be now, right before Christmas. She just doesn’t have that kind of money.

Max Burns is restoring the old lighthouse in town while he’s on sabbatical from his job in Detroit. When his Labrador retriever, Wendy, goes missing he’s wowed by the beautiful woman that returns his dog. But is she wowed by him?

The countdown to Christmas is on and it’s going to take a whole lot of small town magic to get these two together and save them from a deadbeat ex, a meddling son, and a holiday deadline.

Luckily, Moonshire Bay is the perfect place to be during the holiday season.

What Readers are Saying

I’m so glad that I took a chance with this new-to-me author, and excited for the rest of the series.


…if you enjoy reading about small town romances with some wonderful characters, you will enjoy this book.


From the charming descriptions of Moonshire Bay to the loyal and kind characters, Photographing Kate absolutely deserves all five of the stars I’m awarding it.

—The Pensive Bookworm

I really love this series. They’re always such heartwarming, adorable, easy and enjoyable reads; and Lucy’s Last Chance is wonderful.

—Curled Up With A Good Book
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