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Taking A Risk – A Moonshire Bay Small Town Romance Book 3

When Kate Hamilton’s husband is sentenced for embezzlement and fraud, she loses everything. Kate can’t think of a better place to start over than Moonshire Bay.

Zach Elstoy is the town attorney and a confirmed bachelor. He came close to marriage once and that experience was enough for him to vow never to take that risk again.

When Zach meets Kate, sparks fly. But Kate has a different kind of vow from Zach’s – she’s had her fill of lawyers after her ex-husband’s case and their divorce. She wants nothing to do with him or his profession.

Zach brilliant idea is to trick Kate so he can get to know her better. When she finds out about his deception, this might be one case he can’t win.

The Moonshire Bay series is small town, sweet romance at its best – Hallmark-style with a HEA. Each story is connected but can be read as a standalone.

***previously published at Photographing Kate

What Readers are Saying

Elle Sweet masterfully weaves a tale so engrossing you won’t be able to put it down.
Fascinating premise and great characters!!


Moonshire Bay is a wonderful small town, where everyone knows everyone and their business, and there are no secrets. People are kind and caring, and genuinely nice.


The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story, I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created.


…a real treat. From the writing to the characters, I was hooked. … Elle Sweet writes beautifully, almost lyrical and she drew me in from the first sentence.

—Sucker for Coffee Book Blog

I was hooked by page 3. I thought the book was going to be good and cute just based on the cover. And it was, it was a really good story.

—Purple Shelf Club

My second book by this author, I was captivated by the writing. There was a healing touch in the words which bespoke of simplicity and finding oneself.

—Shalani’s Books and Reviews

From the charming descriptions of Moonshire Bay to the loyal and kind characters, Photographing Kate absolutely deserves all five of the stars I’m awarding it.

—The Pensive Bookworm
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