Promotions & Poisons – A Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery Prequel

Can Presley crack the case of her murdered co-worker before she ends up in jail?

Presley Thurman, the Human Resources manager at her company, is up for a big promotion and the only thing standing in her way is co-worker Gladys, who is also a candidate.

Presley and Gladys aren't the best of friends, so when Gladys turns up murdered Presley is the logical suspect.

It’s no secret she didn't like Gladys, but she certainly didn't kill her. Presley has to clear her name before not only does she lose out on this big promotion, but even worse - she ends up in jail!

Do you love cozy mysteries with a quirky, strong female lead that just can’t keep her nose out of police business? Do you enjoy a touch of romance with your cozies? Then the Presley Thurman series is for you!


A Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery Prequel


Excellent short read. Two ladies, up for the same job. One is murdered. Who could have done it, and why? The answer is surprising.” -Goodreads

“A short prequel to the Presley Thurman's series and if this book is anything like the rest of the series I am going to have to read them all. I love the characters Presley and her side kick Tonya. I thought the story line was fast moving and good for a short story. I can't wait to see how the characters and story lines develop as the series continues.” -Goodreads

“I liked the characters and I look forward to reading more so to me this is a good start to a cozy mystery series.” -Goodreads

“…the book was an easy, fun book to read and will definitely get the series.” -Amazon


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