Snowglobes and Secrets – A Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery Book 2

Trixie and girls of Read Wine aren’t going to let a dead body stop them from opening their bookstore for business. Can they find the killer in time?

Trixie and her friends, Sally and Cora, are excited to finally open the doors of Read Wine for business. Their new bookstore also features coffee, wine and baked goods and they think their small town of Romero will love it.

All is going well until they happen to find a dead body in the shop and that definitely wasn’t part of the business plan. All signs point to Sally, since it was her ex-husband’s girlfriend, Sylvia, who was murdered.

Trixie knows Sally didn’t murder Sylvia, so who did?

Do you love cozy mysteries with quirky, strong female leads that just can’t keep their noses out of police business? Is a bookstore that carries coffee and wine your idea of heaven? Then the Read Wine series is for you!



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