Snowglobes and Secrets – A Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery Book 2

They're opening no matter what. A dead body won't stop them.

Determined to open Read Wine on schedule, Trixie Pristine won't let anything stop her and friends, Sally and Cora from opening their dream business in small town Romero.  A bookstore with wine, coffee, and pastries is every woman's dream, and these three ladies refuse to relinquish their dreams.

Just as they're on the brink of opening Read Wine, there's a wrench thrown into the plan.  How can they open for business when a dead body is on the floor?  Not only does it ruin the ambiance, but it also wasn't in their business plan.  As suspicions rise, their friendship gets tested.  Everyone knows that you must keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But, this particular dead body belongs to Sally's most despised enemy.

Can the girls band together to uncover the secret to the murder without destroying their business before the Grand Opening?



Seems like I know these gals already, even though it's just the second book. I'm going to read all of them.” -Amazon

“I really enjoyed this book mainly because the main character, Trixie is not a whimp like in some other stories. She is a strong woman who thinks fast on her feet in difficult situations. This is one of those mysteries with good suspects that will surprise you with their secrets!” -Amazon

“A very fast-paced story. All the excitement and mystery you could ask for.” -Bookbub

“…oh my gosh this was just such a great book. I just didn’t want it to end.” -Bookbub


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