Textbook Murder – A Spencer University Cozy Mystery Book 2

Chloe gets more than she bargained for when she starts a teaching career at Spencer University. Can she find a killer before she’s the next victim?

Chloe is a law professor who has accepted a one-year teaching contract at Spencer University Law School. She was hoping it would be the start of her dream career. However, what should have been a quiet summer teaching was anything but that when she finds Bill, the professor she replaced, murdered in his office.

She’s curious to find out more because Bill had taken leave to defend alleged embezzler Randall Whittier. It is a high-profile case, and she assumes they are related.

After meeting Randall and chatting with him, she finds him to be a  likable guy, and her gut tells her he’s innocent. But the question remains, who killed Bill? And who broke into Chloe's car and house? Someone is looking for something, but what?

Do you love cozy mysteries with quirky, strong female leads that just can’t keep their noses out of police business? Is murder in the halls of academia your idea of a good read? Then the Spencer University series is for you!


“An entertaining cozy mystery. I enjoyed getting to know Olivia and the other members of the university staff. The plot moved quickly with enough twists to keep me guessing until the reveal.” -Amazon

“This book is filled with a good plot and storytelling which makes a very pleasant cozy mystery.” -Amazon

I enjoy Ms. Turner’s books! It was a pleasant read, and didn’t take too long to finish. Looking forward to more!” -Goodreads

“A decent mystery and a fun story to read.” -Goodreads

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