Textbook Murder – A Spencer University Cozy Mystery Book 2

Chloe is a law professor who has accepted a one-year teaching contract at Spencer University Law School and hoped it would be the start of her dream career. However, what should have been a quiet summer teaching took a turn for the opposite when she found Bill, the professor she replaced, murdered in his office.

She was curious to find out more because Bill had taken leave to defend alleged embezzler Randall Whittier. It was a high profile case, and she assumed they were related. She decided to drive by Bill's house to check it out and ran into Randall.

After they chatted, she found he was a likable guy, and her gut told her he was innocent. But the question remained, who killed Bill? And who broke into Chloe's car and house? Someone was looking for something, but what?


A Spencer University Cozy Mystery Book 2


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