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A Presley Thurman Mystery Box Set (Books 1 – 4)

Get the Presley Thurman series prequel and the first 4 books in one box set!

This five-book set includes:

Promotions & Poisons (prequel to the series)

Frenemies.  Promotions. And one very dead body.

Human resources manager, Presley Thurman is dead serious about getting a promotion.  She knows she’s the best candidate for the job.  But when the co-worker who was also vying for the new position ends up dead, all eyes are on Presley.

Now, it’s up to Presley to clear her name.  The promotion is quickly becoming a fantasy, and jail time is looking like a reality.  How can Presley prove that she didn’t kill for the job she wanted?

Stilettos & Scoundrels

One florist.  One dead senator. And nothing is all that rosy…

The newly jobless Presley Thurman heads back to her hometown, Hunter’s Hollow, to run her mother’s flower shop, Petal Pushers while her parents are basking in the joy of a month-long cruise. Presley’s planning a boring and easy month working as a florist while she figures out her next career path.  But when she delivers flowers to a well-known senator, her humdrum month takes a turn for the worse.

After Presley finds Senator Daniels dead in his hotel room, Presley’s once again embroiled in a mystery where she’s the number one suspect.  Determined to get herself off the suspect list, Presley sets out to uncover the truth with the help of her old high school crush, Cooper Sands.  Discovering the senator’s wicked and wanton ways sets a motive, but it doesn’t clear her name.

Will Presley find the scoundrel’s killer and keep herself out of jail?

Presley, and her loyal canine sidekick Bella, are on the case!

Necklaces & Nooses

Will Presley be able to figure out who murdered her boss and keep herself off the prime suspect list?

Thirty-something Presley Thurman thinks her new gig at Silk, a popular high-end fashion boutique, is her ticket to stability and career satisfaction. Or at least a way to keep paying her bills until she figures out what she wants to be when she grows up.

Then she finds her boss, Solange, hanging in a fitting room.

Did her boss commit suicide? Not according to the detective assigned to the case. He’s calling it a homicide.

Can Presley figure out who decided to get Solange out of the way? Was it her soon-to-be-ex-husband? Her jealous sister? A disgruntled employee? The strange German man that keeps showing up?

Handbags & Hooligans

Everyone knows what happens in Vegas should stay there. But secrets have a way of bringing everything to the surface.

When thirty-something Presley Thurman heads to Sin City for her best friend Anna’s wedding, and a visit with her little brother, Jessie, things don’t go as planned.

Instead of relaxing and taking in the nightlife with her friends, Presley leads the search for Jesse’s MIA girlfriend, Ashley. Turns out Jessie’s girlfriend might not be the goody two-shoes teacher she claimed, and Presley wonders if she should keep digging into the girlfriend’s secret life.

Too bad that’s not the only bombshell on the less than stellar trip. It seems like every time Presley uncovers a secret it leads to even more questions.

Can Presley find Ashley before she disappears forever?

Mistletoe & Murder

Can Presley catch a murderer and save Christmas?

Secrets don’t stay secrets in small towns.

Presley can’t wait to celebrate her Christmas with Cooper and her family, but things don’t go as planned.

On Christmas Eve, an old friend comes knocking and he’s not there to drop off gifts. It seems someone’s been stealing from his business, and he needs Presley’s help to find the culprit.

When his employee winds up dead the next day, her friend is concerned he might be next.

Now, instead of sipping eggnog and eating cookies, Presley’s trying to catch a killer – before that killer claims his next victim.

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