Vows & Victims – A Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery Book 8

Can Presley save her friend’s wedding day and catch a killer?

Even though Presley thinks her best friend, Katy, is making a huge mistake, Presley goes home to help her plan her wedding to Chris.

When realtor Bethany Granville is found dead in Katy’s salon, wedding plans suddenly aren’t the most pressing concern. Katy didn’t even know Bethany, and the ever-curious Presley wants to solve the murder before it affects Katy’s business.

As Presley investigates, she finds more questions than answers. How did Katy’s fiancé know Bethany? Why was she murdered in Katy’s salon? Is their ex-friend, Dirt, who just escaped from prison, coming for them to get his revenge? Presley’s quest to find the answers just might hurt the one person who is innocent in all of this -  Katy.

Do you love cozy mysteries with a quirky, strong female lead that just can’t keep her nose out of police business? Do you enjoy a touch of romance with your cozies? Then the Presley Thurman series is for you!

A Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery Book 8


“I love the humor and the characters, of course. I love the story/plot and action. I love how I am unable to figure out whodunit until the end. What more could I want in a mystery?” -Amazon

“With the same humor, quirky characters, and adventures as previous books in the series, the reader will enjoy some great plot twists, the return of some past characters, and a set of mysteries to resolve.” -Amazon

“Another great book in this series. On to the next one” -Goodreads

“Laina Turner has unique and clever stories with fun characters, humor, and plot twists and turns you don't expect…” -Goodreads



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