Laina Turner, Author
L.C. Turner, Author

Biscuits and Bedlam



In the quaint town of Sweet Haven, newcomer Tillie is ready to turn over a new leaf with the grand opening of her charming bakery, Paw Paw’s. But just as the scent of freshly baked dog treats fills the air, disaster strikes when a lifeless body is discovered in the bakery’s backroom. Suddenly, Tillie finds herself at the center of a brewing storm as suspicion falls upon her, the outsider in town.

With whispers of accusation Tillie must unravel the tangled web of secrets lurking within Sweet Haven’s cozy streets. As fingers point and tensions rise, she dives headfirst into a thrilling journey to uncover the truth behind the sinister events unfolding in her bakery.

Can Tillie sift through the layers of deception and unearth the real culprit before her dreams crumble, and she finds herself locked away behind bars? Join Tillie in this heart-pounding mystery where every clue leads her closer to danger and the truth, she seeks may be the most dangerous discovery of all.