Laina Turner, Author
L.C. Turner, Author

Cheer Moms Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1-5



Rivalry Gone Wrong – Cheer Moms Cozy Mystery Book 1

These cheer moms are not content to sit on the sidelines. Until someone turns up dead.

Abby Winters is not your typical cheer mom. She doesn’t have time to micromanage her daughter’s competitive cheer group. She’s got her business, Scoops Ice Cream Shop, to run.

But when a rival team’s coach turns up dead and all signs point to murder, Abby wants to make sure her daughter is safe.
Can she catch the killer before they strike again or is the culprit going to murder the competition?

Even The Score – Cheer Moms Cozy Mystery Book 2

Cheerleading is supposed to be fun, not deadly.

With one dead body already, a hostile detective that does not like Abby and some very scary coaches, Abby is concerned the sport her daughter loves is going to be forever tainted by murder.

When cheer mom Abby Winters and her daughter, Ashley, head out of town for a cheer competition the very worst happens shortly after check-in at their hotel.

Can she catch the killer, without getting arrested herself, and save the competition?

Silence The Cheers – Cheer Moms Cozy Mystery Book 3

It’s a race against time before Cassie Cannon is silenced forever.

When cheerlebrity Cassie Cannon doesn’t show up for an autograph signing, Abby Winters’ daughter, Ashley, is crushed.

She wanted to meet her idol before the big cheer competition. Is Cassie a flake or has something more sinister happened?

Abby, for once, is content to let the police handle the investigation but when Ashley begs her to find out where Cassie is, how can she say no?

Can Abby figure out what happened to Cassie or will someone silence her… maybe forever?

Cheerleading Is Killer – Cheer Moms Cozy Mystery Book 4

It’s a killer competition.

Would someone really commit murder over a bow? That’s the question Abby Winters is left with when she finds Brenda Potter, the owner of Brenda’s Bows, dead in the convention center pop-up shop area.

When the detective working the case puts Abby high on the suspect list, she knows she’s going to have to find out who killed Brenda herself.

With a soon-to-be ex-husband, a hostile best friend, and a shady bow manufacturer in the mix, Abby has her work cut out for her.

Can she find out who the killer is before she’s the next victim?

It’s About The Hit -Cheer Moms Cozy Mystery Book 5

It’s a race to the finish, but will everyone make it?

It’s the final cheer competition of the season and the Aces of Cherry City are practicing with their new star choreographer, Jeremiah Oslo, when the worst happens—he drops over dead.

When Abby finds out that he was murdered, she’s once again embroiled in a murder investigation, much to the dismay of her boyfriend, Detective Anthony Barrett. But really, what harm could there be in just poking around a little, right?

With her daughter Ashley’s team in first place, Abby wonders if maybe someone is trying to knock them down by taking out their choreographer. Whatever the motive, Abby won’t rest until she figures out just who wanted Jeremiah dead.