Laina Turner, Author
L.C. Turner, Author

Silence The Cheers A Cheer Moms Cozy Mystery – Book 3



It’s a race against time before Cassie Cannon is silenced forever.

When cheerlebrity Cassie Cannon doesn’t show up for an autograph signing, Abby Winters’ daughter, Ashley, is crushed. She wanted to meet her idol before the big cheer competition. Is Cassie a flake or has something more sinister happened?

Abby, for once, is content to let the police handle the investigation but when Ashley begs her to find out where Cassie is, how can she say no?

Can Abby figure out what happened to Cassie or will someone silence her… maybe forever?

The Cheer Moms is the perfect cozy mystery series for fans who love fun and humorous whodunits.