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L.C. Turner, Author

Developmental Editing

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing is editing that aims to improve the content and structure of your manuscript. Developmental editing is very different from proofreading and copyediting, which are types of editing that ensure that a manuscript’s grammar, punctuation, and spelling are accurate. Developmental editing takes on topics such as pacing, plot, characterization, and setting.

The developmental editing process.

As your developmental editor, I will review your manuscript, and put in comments using track changes which will deal with big-picture changes needed in the manuscript. It won’t typically address specific dialogue or scenes but is a high-level view critique of the manuscript what works and what doesn’t.

I will also be available via email or a quick Zoom meeting if you need additional help understanding my comments or to brainstorm ideas.


$100 for 30,000 words or less
$200 for up to 65,000 words
$275 up to 100,000 words

I require a 50% deposit upfront via PayPal and the rest upon completion. 

Why me? I’m a college professor (have an MBA, MFA, PhD.) and an author. For years I’ve worked with students and fellow authors on story development making it the best it can be. While I’m not the go-to girl for proofreading, (commas are so subjective, right), I can help you with rough patches in your plot, pacing, and characters.

Contact me at [email protected] for more information or to schedule a free consult about the process.

Developmental editing