Laina Turner, Author
L.C. Turner, Author

Ooh ooh ohh a New Presley Thurman Series!!!!

Secrets and Snapdragons: A Petal Pushers Flower Shop Cozy Mystery

Presley and Cooper are permanently back in Hunter’s Hollow, where she is taking over her mother’s flower shop, Petal Pushers. Her biggest concern is how little she knows about flowers. One day as she walks through the town square to the Uptown Café, she finds the mayor’s face planted in a bed of snapdragons, and he’s not moving.

She has a flower shop to run, a dog, and a duck to care for, and the sheriff has been clear he doesn’t need her help. But Presley can’t help it when her curiosity gets the best of her until she finds herself in harm’s way. Can she outsmart the killer before the killer finds her?

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