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Don’t Be A Quitter!

Hola me amigos,

I think about quitting at least once a day if not more. This gig of writing, blogging, and picture taking is HARD. I know it totally seems glamorous and the fact I don’t have to put clothes on to do it (by that I mean work clothes, I can stay in my pajamas. I do NOT blog naked), is a nice perk, but still it ain’t easy.


Don't Be A Quitter!

So what keeps me going besides coffee and wine? It’s ME! How I think and how I feel about the business of writing and blogging. What I want to do with my time here on earth and what I love. Just because you love something doesn’t make it easy so sometimes the only way to be successful at what you love is to push through and stay positive.

There is an older article I’ve read and reread several times called, The Business Rusch: Reality Check, by Kristen Rusch. It talked about the business of writing and how many authors give up fairly quickly because they aren’t successful on their terms of what success means. So they quit.

I can identify with that. I ‘ve thought that I was crazy and stupid to think I could make a living at writing. In fact, I found all sorts of things to do as a career rather than writing since 2009 when I decided to focus on writing. Why? Because I wasn’t confident, I could succeed. I could have been the quitter Kristen is talking about in her blog post. Instead these days I identify with something else she said in that post.

Writers with drive don’t give up.

Writers with drive eventually succeed.

It made me realize that even though I have tried to find ways to quit the business of writing by searching for something else to do I am still writing. I’ve wanted to be an author since 2nd grade, and now quite a few years later it hasn’t changed.

I WANT to be one of those success stories, and I continually work at my craft. I know that with hard work success will come. The more I work at it, the easier it gets to write, the easier it is to say I’m an author, and the easier it is to believe that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

If there is something you want out in the world, then work hard to figure out how to get it. I believe in you because if I can do it, you can do it!

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