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Friend Friday – Brooke Gillespie-Trout

Today’s Friend Friday is spotlighting author Brooke Gillespie-Trout and her novel, Heart and Soul – Set It Free.

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1986. A time when sitcoms were wholesome, and rock and roll was shameless. When Alexandra Lorraine, an aspiring actress, unexpectedly meets Slater Heart, a promising rock star, they feel the attraction immediately. Their acquaintance is cut short, thanks to boys behaving badly, and their friendship ends before it has a chance to begin. Finding himself at a loss with his situation, Slater seeks Alexandra’s help. With Slater’s persistence and Alexandra’s kindness, she makes a snap decision that changes both of their lives. When their friendship grows, they find a teacher within each other. She had never learned how to live life to the fullest, and he had never learned what true love was all about. As they climb to the top, and their visions become reality, is falling in love enough to give it all up, or do they have the courage to live their dreams and set each other free?

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Brooke Gillespie-Trout is a writer who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born on the East Coast and living throughout the United States, Brooke grew up involved with the theater and was always intrigued with the “Bad Boys.” Brooke’s imagination has taken her on many adventures and she’s happy to finally be putting one into print. Heart & Soul – Set It Free is the first book in the Heart & Soul series. This is her debut novel.

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