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Friend Friday – Loraine J. Hudson

Today’s Friend Friday is spotlighting author Loraine J. Hudson and her novel, The House on Beale Street.

BealeFrontCover Loraine J. Hudson Friend Friday - Loraine J. Hudson

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A dream house in a small town. A cup of coffee on her porch. Her dog at her feet. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty. Bumps in the night, unwelcome visitors, an angry friend and a lingering threat from a local robbery leave Marianne Reed wondering if her new home might become a nightmare. The question is, is it new house jitters, or is danger just around the corner?

headshot Loraine J. Hudson Friend Friday - Loraine J. Hudson

Loraine Hudson lives and writes in a small town in Michigan. The first book in her “Beale Street” mystery series is The House on Beale Street. She released The Stars Over Beale Street in early 2019. She loves oldies rock music, stained glass, digging in her garden, playing with her dogs, horseback riding and, of course, writing. She is active in a nationwide thoroughbred rehab program, and is often at her most creative when taking her own ex-racehorse out for an amble through the woods, imagining dialogues, plot twists and new tales to tell. When she isn’t writing mysteries, she enjoys creating “tween” and YA chapter books under her pen name, Judith Wade, especially stories with a little bit of fantasy or adventure. Laina Turner Signature

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