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Friend Friday answers the question – what should I read next?

This week’s friend is Mary Ellen Boyd with her book, The Thief’s Daughter.

The Thief's Daughter by [Mary Ellen Boyd]

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Her long lost father is back. And he’s dying. With his last breaths, he says he has provided for her.

Tessa wishes she could believe him. A poor seamstress in 1814 London can use all the help she can get. Sadly, she could not trust him before. What makes this time any different?

Then she finds his provision. And it’s worse than she could have imagined. It could get her killed.

She needs help to undo her father’s folly. And there is only one person she knows who can. No matter what she does, the risks are enormous.

The beautiful seamstress intrigues Lord Warrenby. But a true gentleman does not abuse the defenseless.

The young woman at his mother’s favorite modiste threatens his willpower. When his biggest temptation shows up with her impossible quest, he struggles to believe her claim of innocence. Worse yet, she knows his own scandal, one that can ruin others.

Who is this beautiful young woman? Is Tessa as virtuous as she appears? He hopes so, because something is growing between them, something that he cannot bear to lose.

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Mary Ellen Boyd is a romance author of Regency and Biblical fiction, although if the muse strikes, she will happily branch into other genres. Her special passion is building fictional stories around factual accounts. She has been happily married since 1982, in May, the prettiest month of the year. She and her husband have one son, who is now married to his high school sweetheart.

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