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Friend Friday – Ruth Pendleton

Today’s Friend Friday is spotlighting author Ruth Pendleton and her novel, Love At Rosecrown Ranch: Rosecrown Ranch Book One.


Love At Rosecrown Ranch: Rosecrown Ranch Book One by [Ruth Pendleton]

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She’s a realtor with demanding clients and lofty dreams. He’s a ranch hand who believes in hard work, loyalty, and getting the job done right the first time. High heels and scuffed boots collide when they are forced to work together at Rosecrown Ranch.

Jenny Stratton has it all. A cozy apartment near San Francisco, an enviable job, and a boyfriend of three years who is on the brink of proposing. When she catches him kissing another girl in the soup aisle, she knows it is time for a clean break. She heads to her Grandma Jo Jo’s ranch in the hills of Montana for some clean air and a fresh start away from men.

Hank Miner is a hard working ranch hand with no time in his schedule for distractions. He keeps Rosecrown Ranch running smoothly while watching over the aging Jo Jo Collins. When Jo Jo’s granddaughter shows up for the summer, Hank worries she is visiting for all the wrong reasons.

As Jo Jo’s health worsens, and a major work contract falls through, Jenny is torn between the job she loves and the allure of the ranch, with the cowboy who melts her insides.

What will it take to convince Jenny to kick off her heels once and for all and plant herself firmly at Rosecrown Ranch?


Ruth Pendleton

Hi. I’m Ruth. I’m an avid reader and an enthusiastic writer. I’ve been writing romance stories since I was in junior high. In one of my favorite pieces, I wrote an endearing story about best friends who got married in a double wedding. They went on their honeymoons together and lived next to each other for years to come. It makes me laugh every time I read it. Although my writing style has changed quite a lot over the years, I’ve never given up on the allure of a happily ever after. That is why I love to write sweet romance novels.

I don’t live on a ranch, but sometimes I feel like my house could be one. I have two dogs, a cat, six chickens, and two starlings currently living at my house. I also have a sizable amount of children that come and go, devouring food and leaving laughter in their wake. When I am not writing, I enjoy quilting, watercolor painting, and acting.
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