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Friend Friday answers the question – what should I read next?

This week’s friend is Whitney Walker with her book, After Broken.


After Broken: A Second Chance Christmas by [Whitney Walker]

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A single dad, broken by his wife’s death. A mother, once broken by the loss of her first love. 

Everyone needs a second chance at Christmas… 


Seventeen years ago, we’d said goodbye. I learned to live without him. My happily ever after is more than most women dare to dream. A perfectly scripted life is complete with a comfortable marriage to a doctor, an expensive SUV adorned with children’s sports stickers, and a Pinterest-inspired, designer-decorated home. So why did I just promise his daughter the Christmas she dreams of?


I’m taking life one breath at a time. My wife is gone. Trying to outrun the pain, I face an uncertain future as a single father at a new hospital in a new city. Unless fate has a different idea. My here-and-now has collided with my past. I’ve just said hello to the woman I’ve never forgotten holding in my arms, devastated, as I told her goodbye seventeen years ago. Will she ever learn the secret that it wasn’t my choice?

Facing death changes everything.  

It gives us the courage to follow our dreams.  It shows us the love we are willing to fight for.

The promise of a second chance lies before us. Is the collateral damage too much to risk pursuing the fairy-tale ending that unbreaks our broken hearts?


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Unapologetic hopeless romantic? Seeker or dreamer who doesn’t mind laughing and crying, sometimes in the same sentence? If this sounds like you…you are my tribe and I write for you! I write for those who believe tears and laughter are best friends, second chances are better than firsts, and true love is worth fighting for. I’m just a girl who dreamed of a happy ending – in books – and in life. If you don’t get the house cleaned or mush change plans because you can’t tear yourself away from your friends on the pages, my work here is complete! With faith, wine, and chocolate by my side, I aspire to be the best mother to two, girlfriend to “the one”, daughter, friend, and yogi I can be. It’s a work in progress, but I appreciate the chance to share my life learning through writing.

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