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Monday Update

If you follow me at all you know my daughter plays rugby (and competitive cheer). I am really her gloried administrative assistant and I often think my entire life is about rugby or cheer. But that’s being a mom right?

However, this was a rugby-free weekend, and I thought it might be relaxing but not so much. I always have such high expectations about how much I can accomplish. It’s something I need to change.

Sydney and I did go to a pumpkin path and had a blast. Though we did almost get lost in the corn maze.

Syd pp 1 Monday Update
Laina PP Monday Update
Syd pp Monday Update

Last week in my newsletter I asked for tips on decluttering. In the past 18 months of taking care of my dad I have not paid any attention to my own house and I feel like I am drowning in clutter. I’ve been trying to muster up the energy to create a plan to deal with my house and get it back to a manageable level so I can relax and enjoy my home. Not just close my eyes and pretend the mess doesn’t exist which is what I’ve been doing for months.

Awesome reader Beth suggested getting a dumpster to add that not-so-subtle pressure to make sure we HAD to take action.

My hubby and I took that tip, and one is now sitting in my driveway.

Go big or go home, right?

To try and break this daunting task down into manageable chunks, I’ve made a document with each room on it and created a schedule to work our way through each room and hopefully get the house in a more organized state. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit stressed at the thought of all we need to accomplish in the next week. Typically, I work well under deadlines so I hope this is one of those times so I can get this house decluttered ad not feel like I’m living in a huge mess.

We also spent Sunday working on the Queen Anne we’re restoring.

IMG 2728 copy Monday Update

I haven’t been up there in months. I was too busy with my dad. Honestly, I didn’t want to go up Sunday, but we needed to. We ended up spending the day fixing a couple of windows and cleaning. There are a couple of small things we want to get done this year yet, but I’m not going to put too much pressure on us to get stuff done. It’s been a rough year, and the house isn’t going anywhere.

How was your week?

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