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What Inspires Me

I came across a similar post the other day, and I enjoyed reading what her inspirations were. So much so that I decided to write my list.

As I was writing it, I realized that I don’t always pay attention to the things that do lift me up and give me inspiration. The renewed energy I get from those things that make me want to conquer the world. It’s too easy to take things for granted, and it’s often the little things that mean the most (as cliche as that sounds).

The Things That Inspire Me

1. My morning coffee. I am one of “those” people who NEEDS their morning coffee to act human or have any brainpower. But I also enjoy the ritual of morning coffee. Smelling it as it brews and that first sip.

2. Time with friends. This is something that until a few years ago I didn’t take enough time doing. I always had the, “too much work” excuse. Until I realized I was missing out and I didn’t want to. Now I make an effort to spend a lot of time with people. Relationships are much more important than things.

3. Time with my family. Like I mentioned in the previous point it’s easy to get busy with stuff and not take the time to spend making memories with your family. This year has been one where I’ve tried to take a more active approach to this. I’ve been trying to simplify our lives and reduce expenses so we can spend more time traveling before it’s too late and my kids are grown.

4. Sitting down with a good book – old fashioned paper one. I love ebooks. That is how I make a living after all. But nothing beats cuddling up on the couch, with a coffee or a glass of wine, and getting lost in a good book. It lets me relax and unwind.

5. Listening to music. I’ve gotten so used to listening to podcasts and audiobooks that are more professionally driven rather than for entertainment purposes that when I do listen to the radio or iTunes, I am pleasantly surprised at how great it makes me feel. Music jogs so many memories and to listen to music that has good things associated with it is a great way to get myself motivated.

6. Looking at magazines. I admit I have a magazine problem. I am constantly buying them even when I have 25 stacked up I haven’t read yet. I see a catchy cover in the grocery aisle, and I can’t walk past it without picking it up. I like how magazines are a quicker read than books, and it provides a lot of great ideas for blog posts. At least it does when I read them.

7. The Sunshine and being outdoors. I live in the midwest, and I do enjoy being able to experience all the seasons but my preference is summer. I can’t get enough sunshine and heat. When it’s gray and rainy, I’m cranky. While I don’t have seasonal affective disorder, I have mood differences depending on the weather. Everything is more fun out in the sun.

8. Traveling. I love to travel and experience new things. It’s even better when traveling with friends and family. Both which I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to do this year and hopefully in years to come.

9. Listening to others stories. Taking time to give your full attention to other people can be hard, but when you do, it’s amazing what you find out. My daughter (she’s 11) babbles on and on, and sometimes it can be annoying but to listen to her version of things with her viewpoint is amazing. It helps put life in perspective. Plus it’s quite entertaining.

10. Naps. I know napping seems counterproductive to being inspired. But when your body and mind are tired it can be hard to think at all much less inspirationally. I’m one of those people who needs sleep. I love to sleep and napping during the day is even better because it seems a little naughty. Giving myself permission to rest allows me to recharge and be on my game when I wake up which leads to being more inspired.

I’m also inspired by movies, working in bed when it rains, and the ability I have to work remotely because it gives me amazing freedom.

Freedom is so inspiring.

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