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Why You Must Believe in Yourself

Negative self-talk creeps into everyone’s head at some point. No matter how positive we are on a day to day basis. It takes effort to believe in yourself all the time.

I attended a yoga workshop this past weekend, and the focus was on self-love. One of the things the yoga instructor said was no one can be 100% in all areas all the time.

The people who we look at and think have it all.

They don’t.

They are struggling like everyone else but what they do is love themselves anyways. They don’t berate themselves for not being perfect.

What she said really stuck with me. I am mostly a positive person, but I have days where doubts creep in, and I find myself feeling like a total screw up.

Does this ever happen to you?

believe in yourself

For example…

You know you need to get up early, and workout before the rest of the world is up because that’s your only time. But how often does your alarm go off at 5 am, and you immediately think of all the reasons why it’s a bad idea to get up.

You do well eating healthy for a week. Then one day you have a mini Kit Kat your daughter gives you from her Halloween candy, and you figure you just ruined all your progress and might as well eat all her candy.

You didn’t have time to interact on social media the way you wanted today, and your page views tanked. You may never get them back up ever, ever again. You’re finished.

You had a bad sales day, and you know this is it. The death spiral. Life as you know it. Over!

This is just a sample of the things I know my friends, and I struggle with on a daily basis. It’s so easy to let this head trash occupy your thoughts and make you feel defeated.

You can’t let your mind get the best of you by thinking that one small lack of action on your part has thrown your entire life off track.

Because it hasn’t.

It’s the continued spiral out of control that comes with the little slip-up. It’s when you no longer believe in yourself at that moment that hurts your progress.

If instead of focusing on how you screwed up you need to focus instead on how much success you’ve had. Remind yourself that one tiny bump in the road isn’t going to undo all your hard work.

Forgive yourself when you slip up. Love yourself no matter what happens. You’re only human.

Believe in yourself ALL THE TIME. Not just when you do well.

Celebrate little successes that will snowball into big ones. Have faith in yourself and your ability.

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