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It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams!

You’re NOT too old to pursue your dreams!

I’m in my 40’s, and while I sometimes feel my age physically, mentally, it’s a different story. Every day I think of new things I want to do and try and explore. I don’t mind getting older. Each new age brings new experiences but I hate knowing I will not have enough time on this earth to do everything I want to do. I’d have to live to be 200 for that to happen and maybe not even then.

I’ve always felt that age was just a number. I’ve been blogging and writing for 10 years, and in many ways, I feel I’m just now hitting my stride. I’m just NOW understanding what it is I want to do with my life and career. I was chatting with an acquaintance the other day, who is my age. She said she wanted to start a blog but felt she was too old. I was dumbfounded at her comment.

I mean I’ve had my moments where I’ve wished I was younger (or thinner or prettier or smarter). But never has there been something I wanted to do where age stopped me. Where age was the ONLY reason for not pursuing whatever it was, I wanted to do. I felt so bad for her. No one should think they are too old to start something. Because the truth of the matter is we are never too old to try.

Of course, there is more to lose if the thing you want to start requires you to quit your job and completely change your lifestyle. Most of us in this age bracket have families and mortgages, but it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You might have to be more creative in how you go about it. That’s where experience can be a bonus.

When I asked my friend why she felt she was too old to start a blog she told me that it seemed like most the bloggers out there were under 30 (clearly she considers me young – haha).

It's Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams!

The fact is there are a lot of young bloggers out there, and I love it. It makes me proud as a woman to see young women who are starting their life and writing about their experiences. Life has changed so much in twenty years it’s fun to read their perspective. But there are plenty of bloggers out there over 40. Over 50. Even over 60. Probably over 70.

What I told my friend is bloggers don’t have an expiration date. That’s one of the awesome things about blogging. The whole point of blogging is to share your knowledge, your opinion, your expertise on whatever it is you chose to chat about. Regardless of age or background, we ALL have things to share that will be of value to someone else. We all have different perspectives and age alone brings a different perspective to things.

Whether you want to start a blog, a business, write a book, change careers, or travel the world, you should never let age stop you. Age is a wonderful thing and something that should be celebrated. It gives us more experience, more wisdom, more confidence. More freedom to be who we were out on earth to be and live life with no regrets.

It does not / should not prevent us from realizing our full potential. It should never stop us from pursuing our dreams.

I challenge you never to let age stand in your way of anything you want to do. You are fabulous at every stage of life.

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