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Fab 5 Friday – celebrity authors

1.The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou – This is the fourth book in Angelou’s series of seven autobiographies and takes place at a critical time in her life, as well as an historic time for the United States. The brilliant poet details her one-on-one experience with Dr. Martin Luther King as well as… Continue Reading

That’s Not My Suitcase – Available Today!

Sterling Towne decided to take a last minute vacation to a sunny paradise to cheer herself up after a divorce. When the airline misplaces her luggage, she thinks it’s just a typical airline snafu until she gets her luggage back only to find out it’s not hers. Rather the suitcase belongs to someone who thought… Continue Reading

What’s YOUR Why?

Why? This word can be one of the most annoying words in the English language. At least it can be if you have inquisitive kids. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to go to bed? Why can’t I have another cookie? Why is my brother so annoying? And so on. But the… Continue Reading

Fab 5 Friday – classic literature

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! 1.Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte – There is a reason Sandra Bullock’s character reads this book every Christmas in The Proposal; Wuthering Heights is truly a whirlwind of romance and drama spanning generations. Seeing as the book title itself is the name of a house in the novel, this is a… Continue Reading

Where do I get my ideas?

I get asked all the time how I come up with ideas for what I write and my answer is a really clear, I don’t know. They just come to me at random times. It’s not like I sit down at my desk and tell myself I’m not leaving until I’ve come up with an… Continue Reading

Don’t Be Content With Mediocrity

Being fabulous is a hard job and takes a LOT of energy. But the alternative is to not be fabulous and really, who wants to be less than fabulous? None of us do. I know that. It’s easy to get tired, overworked, burned out and turn in less than 100%. I know I sometimes think… Continue Reading

Don’t Be a One Trick Pony

We all want to hit upon that ONE product that will make us millions. While it’s not impossible when you’re waiting for that one thing to take off, you should keep thinking of other things you could produce to sell. It’s the theory of the Long Tail which in simple form states that it’s much… Continue Reading

Fab 5 Friday

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling: Without a doubt, these books will become – if they are not considered so already – classics. They transcend the young adult genre, however, at the heart of this fantasy tale of good versus evil is a timeless coming of age story. Rowling’s beautiful writing, complex character development,… Continue Reading

On Improving My Writing

* updated image I am a lifelong learner. I have a wide variety of interests and always want to learn about new things. When it comes to my writing the more I write the better I get because we all know practice makes perfect. In a crazy moment, I decided to take some graduate classes… Continue Reading

The doctor is in?

Last week I wrote about Playing Doctor and having that Ah-ha moment where things just fell into place for me. Since that revelation things have been amazing. I know, I know, it’s only been a week! But don’t kill my buzz ok. But really…my whole attitude has shifted. I feel like I’m on the right… Continue Reading

How I plan my Blogging Time

Last week I wrote about being protective of my writing time. In that context, I was talking about my novels so today I’m talking about blog writing time. While both those types of writing take my creative juices blogging, for me, is easier because it’s shorter. I’m writing something start to finish in 500 or… Continue Reading