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A New Way to Shop for Jewelry & Makeup

A few months ago, I posted about a new online retailer, Stitch Fix — an online company that will  shop for you based on your personal profile of taste, style and budget. I’ve recently come across another similar company but this one focuses on makeup, jewelry, intimates and fitness apparel. The company is called Wantable and each month their… READ MORE »

Amazing Music – Elijah Bossenbroek

Throwback Thursday blog post – originally posted March 22nd, 2010. Still think this guy is amazingly talented. have a listen! ***** You wouldn’t think that a 3 hour time difference would be that big of a deal, and going out to Phoenix it didn’t seem to be, but wow…I couldn’t sleep last night and I… READ MORE »

Accessories & Alibis – a chick lit mystery

It’s here. Accessories & Alibis, Presley Thurman Chick Lit Mystery #10. Presley buys failing retail boutique, Silk, and on the first day of business ownership the store manager Roxanne is arrested for murdering her boyfriend. Roxanne insists she’s innocent and asks for Presley’s help. Presley believes her and tries to help while getting the boutique up… READ MORE »

What’s In My Closet

I’ve never been a big jeans fan. They just don’t look great on me. On the weekends I have fallen into the pattern of wearing yoga pants. Even when not doing yoga. They are super comfy but makes me feel sloppy. While on the weekends, I am mostly consumed with kids activities, there is no… READ MORE »

Peanuts + Candy Corn = Yum!

While I not a master chef who can just invent amazing recipes on the fly, I do like to dabble and try new things. Since its candy corn season, and I love those nutritionless little things, I thought I would combine them with a good source of protein and make a healthier sweet treat. Who… READ MORE »

Stilettos & Scoundrels – a cozy mystery

I am excited to announce that the 3rd edition of Stilettos & Scoundrels, a Presley Thurman cozy mystery, is now available. This was my first book and originally came out in the spring of 2009 in paperback. E-books were just starting to gain popularity and I was one of the holdouts who didn’t want to… READ MORE »

Fab 5 Friday

Here are some of my faves from around the web this week! The Lean Green Bean – Easy Pumpkin Bread…because I love everything pumpkin. iHeart Organizing – iHeart Blogging: 10 Things I’ve Learned Along the Way….can never get too many blogging tips. Spoon Fork Bacon – Pumpkin Cornbread…did I mention I love everything pumpkin? Kendi… READ MORE »

I am Fabulous!! Throwback Thursday

In the social media world,  Throw Back Thursday, has become a thing. Usually, it’s a picture but I decided to start my own version of throwback Thursday on this blog by posting an old post that still has meaning in some way today. I came up with this idea because I am redesigning my blog… READ MORE »

What is a Lifestyle Blogger

I am in the process of rebranding and redesigning my blog because I’m ready to take it to the next level. The launch is December 1st and even though I’ve been working on it since May; I can’t believe it’s only 6 weeks away and there is still so much to do. Freaking out just… READ MORE »

From My Closet

In today’s, From My Closet, I want to talk about black. Black is one of my favorite colors for clothing. It’s slimming, doesn’t show spills, most blacks match, and its versatile for almost any occasion. It also goes with many other colors. Especially white. Few things look as pretty together than black and white. I… READ MORE »

A Trip to Martinsville, Indiana

All too often it is easy to overlook the wonders in your backyard in lieu of wanting to head to a warm Caribbean island or jet off to Europe. Since those destinations are both hard to come by for a weekend jaunt and on a budget. I came up with the idea of checking out… READ MORE »