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Netflix Junky

I admit that in the last couple years, after discovering instant streaming on Netflix, I have become a bit addicted to watching several years worth of episodes at a time. Not having the week break between episodes can make me lose track of what is really happening and what is in my current show. Ok,… READ MORE »

School Lockers

When I was in middle school I did enjoy a good brown paper bag book cover but I did not have an entire theme for decorating my locker. Either I completely missed the trend or it didn’t exist in the 80’s. I would like to think it didn’t exist. I mean surely I would have… READ MORE »

A Little Contest Fun: Win a Copy of Vows & Victims!

It’s Fabulous Friday and we’re having a little contest fun over the next few weeks! All you have to do is “Like” my Laina Turner – Author Facebook page and enter your email address and you’ll have an INSTANT CHANCE to win a copy of my latest Presley Thurman mystery – Vows & Victims! I’m… READ MORE »

Why choose soy candles over regular candles?

Have you ever heard of soy candles? Recently, they have become increasingly popular with candle-makers because the ingredients to make them are much more accessible, they are less harmful to the environment and the candles themselves burn longer than traditionally-made candles. Soy candles come in various fragrances, including tropical mango, island citrus and water lily just to… READ MORE »

5 iPhone Shortcuts to Brighten Your Day

I enjoy the updates that I frequently get for my iPhone, but I don’t always take the time to learn the new features that I get. Recently I made an effort to get to know my phone a little more. Here is what I found…         Control Center   I started with the… READ MORE »

Traditions Or Not The 2nd Time Around?

The first time I got married I did it the traditional way. In a church, with a big white dress, and all the ‘normal’ trappings that come with a wedding. I happen to like tradition but I also feel a little strange doing it the same way I did the first time. Partly, because I… READ MORE »

Trip To Plymouth Wisconsin

When you travel food is a big part of the fun. At least in my opinion because I like food. It’s fun to find things that are not the same old stuff you can get at home. In Plymouth, Wisconsin there is a place called Chester’s. It is an A & W style drive in… READ MORE »

I Want YOU To Join Laina’s Crusaders!

Are you interested in partnering with me to spread the word about my published books? Then I want YOU to join my team – Laina’s Crusaders! If you choose to join, I’ll be forever grateful and can also offer you a few incentives. As a member of Laina’s Crusaders, you’ll be rewarded with: * Exclusive FREE access to… READ MORE »

Fab 5 Friday

I’ve missed the last couple weeks of Fab 5 Friday not because there weren’t super fab posts out there but rather my life has been chaotic to say the least. This week was a little more under control and I am excited to share some of the posts I found. Especially the yummy ones. Brown… READ MORE »

Please Take A Moment for Meso (Mesothelioma)

Today we are taking a break from our typical blog posts to support the ‘Moment for Meso‘ campaign. Do you know what Meso is? I had never heard of it, but I was recently contacted by Cameron Von St. James to join their summer campaign in educating people about this very rare cancer that affects 3,000 people in the U.S. alone… READ MORE »

Wedding Wednesday

Since I’m getting married I decided that talking about all things wedding between now and next July 11th would be fun. Not every day of course but when the mood strikes me. Like on Wednesdays…because Wedding Wednesday sounds good. The mood struck me today when I was thinking about how “all out” to go with… READ MORE »


Laina Turner

Laina Turner

Laina’s Fabulous Loves: Coffee, wine, hot yoga, hanging with my kids, writing, blogging, and helping other fabulous women to their true path of success.     READ MORE


JR Terrier and the Big Break Launches March 25, 2014!

This season the Hollywood dreams of a little dog named Jack Russell Terrier are coming true and guess what, you have got the privilege to be a part of this journey along with him. Well friends, I am talking about the new book by famous author Tiffany Brianne named ‘JR Terrier and the Big Break’.   READ MORE