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Work It Wednesday – make your plan, work your plan

Work ON your biz, not IN your biz. As bloggers, we are often solopreneurs, in this glamorous game on our own. As such, it can be hard to slow down and take time to work ON our business because we are frantically running in circles doing tasks IN our business. However, if we don’t take… READ MORE »

Philadelphia City Shots

Last week my new Nikon DSLR 5300 came, and I was super excited. I admit that excitement waned a little when I opened the box, looked at the manual, and was overwhelmed by how complicated it was. Luckily, my fiancé has skill in this area and for our trip to Philly I elected him to… READ MORE »

Bloggy Boot Camp – Philly

Bloggy Boot Camp – Philadelphia put on by SITSgirls this past weekend was all kinds of AWESOMENESS! I mean really freakin’ awesome. So awesome I almost couldn’t even stand it. Though the Mirassou wine helped my make it through. Moscato or Reisling…can’t decide which is my favorite. But I digress….. I attend 2 to 3… READ MORE »

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

I love this easy treat that combines crunchy, salty, and sweet all in one. I had someone I worked with years ago make this and I love, love, loved it! Now I make it a few times a year. I hadn’t planned on making it for Labor Day but when I asked Sydney (my 8… READ MORE »

Wedding Wednesday

WE did it! We did it! We agreed on a ring! YAHOO!!!! Can you tell I’m excited? After 3 months of being engaged and some not so fun ring shopping we had a successful trip to Distinctive Diamonds, which I wrote about last week. Tammy, our amazing sales gal at Distinctive Diamonds, delivered the CAD… READ MORE »

It’s All About Photography

I wrote last week about the need to improve my photography skills (among others) and subsequently the need for an editorial calendar so I can plan for the images I need. I feel accomplished that I created my editorial calendar for September and this month is going to be all about photography. Because I am… READ MORE »

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday as much as she is!

Editorial Calendar…I Did It!

After my post Monday, on all the reasons why I should quit blogging, I have renewed my focus on improvement. My biggest area I need to improve regarding my blogging is photography and one of the components to getting better photography in my posts is planning. I might be able to write a post on… READ MORE »

Wedding Wednesday – The rings (again)

Pre-ring shopping picture. It was after a great lunch at Seasons 52, which if you don’t know has amazing food at under 500 calories. I would have taken a picture of my duck tacos and the tomato & hess avocado salad but I ate it too fast. It was delish. I bought this dress a… READ MORE »

Yummy Dessert that Takes NO Baking Skill

If you can squish you can make this. I am not what you would call a talented cook. I mean I can make shit, and it tastes ok, it just doesn’t always look the best. But then who cares what it looks like as long as it tastes ok, right? Sometimes, but not always. I… READ MORE »

I Should Quit Blogging

I should probably quit blogging. Why? Oh, I have a lot of reasons. I’m not all that interesting. I am a horrible photographer. I don’t like having my picture taken. Did I mention I am a horrible photographer? I like a lot of things so it’s hard to have a niche. Unless that niche is… READ MORE »