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Walk Around New Orleans

I’m not going to lie. I could have posted another food of New Orleans post today and titled it how I ate my way around the city. Seriously, how could you not? The food here is AWESOME. Thank God I packed yoga pants for the plane ride home. But since the city is so incredibly… Continue Reading

My Taste of New Orleans

New Orleans is one of my absolute favorite places. There is just something about the energy and atmosphere that I just LOVE! And the food. OMG I LOVE the FOOD! I’m here for a blogging conference, iRetreat2015, and I’ve probably gained 10 lbs since Saturday. Saturday for dinner I had the taste of New Orleans… Continue Reading

First Class All The Way!

The thing about flying is you’re at the mercy of the airlines and when a flight gets delayed or canceled there’s not a lot you can do about it. After getting up at 4:15am yesterday to catch a 7:15 flight just to find the flight was delayed 2 hours was annoying to say the least…. Continue Reading

What Flag Do You Fly?

If you’ve read my blog at all, you’ve probably noticed I blog more about fun and semi-meaningless things (except maybe to me) than anything serious like politics or world issues. Not that I’m not interested in those things (though I admit I do prefer reading People magazine to listening to NPR). However, after all the… Continue Reading

10 Reasons I’m Late to Work

Who likes to get up for work? Even when you work at home and the commute is one floor down from your bedroom and about 10 feet from the kitchen. I love what I do for a living, but I still don’t bound out of bed each morning pumped to start the work day. So… Continue Reading

Coconut Cocktail

I love coconut. One of my fav things of all time is the pineapple coconut flavored sparkling water from Wal-Mart. I drink it by the gallon. So when I saw the coconut vodka on the shelf I had to buy it. The fact it was a special bottle with an Elvis Presley label on it… Continue Reading

Time To Celebrate!

I actually did that last night, but I’m all for continuous celebrating so why not. Let’s keep going through the weekend! Wednesday was my birthday, but I had a birthday party, blog relaunch party, and company rebranding party all rolled into one last night. I like any excuse to throw a party, and I also… Continue Reading

July (and last half June) Goals!

It’s that mid-way point of the year where normally it’s time for me to take stock of my goals and where I’m at in relation to them. Since I just relaunched my blog yesterday and the first half of this year has been a little (ok a LOT) crazy I’ve gotten a little off track…. Continue Reading

It’s Finally Here! My Blog Relaunch!

OMG – I’M SO EXCITED! That’s actually what my fiancé says to me anytime I mention anything wedding related – I know, he’s a smart man – but today I’m stealing it. Did you happen to notice anything different on your way in to read my post today? Stop reading for a second and look… Continue Reading

Getting Ready for the Blog Re-launch!

After a year in the making (yeah it’s taken ridiculously long) I am excited to finally announce –for real this time – my new blog design will officially launch on June 17th. Which is a mere 22 days away! Can you believe it’s almost June already? June 17th is also my birthday (my 29th birthday… Continue Reading

Yeah For Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your holiday weekend? I always feel like Memorial Weekend is my summer kickoff even though it’s still officially spring. Mentally the weekend just makes me feel that summer has finally arrived, AND it’s ok to wear white. I spent the bulk of my weekend working but I’m so thrilled with… Continue Reading