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Wedding Wednesday

The ring. One of the exciting parts about the material aspects of being engaged is the ring? Am I right? It’s also one of those things that us ladies tend to be very picky about.  Should the guy surprise us with whatever he picks out, should we go together to look at what we like… READ MORE »

Kindle Select Did Boost My Sales

I have not been a fan of Kindle Select. Not because it’s not a good marketing tool but I’ve just had a bit of an issue personally with being exclusive to Amazon. If you don’t know what Kindle Select is read this post from Jane Friedman’s site. I admit, I sell 3 times more on… READ MORE »

Green Bean Delivery has Sexy Rutabaga!

I know what you’re probably thinking. I’ve lost my mind by thinking that rutabaga is sexy. I mean it’s a vegetable, right? And as far as vegetables go it’s not one of those more popular. I wouldn’t even be talking about rutabaga if it weren’t for Green Bean Delivery sending me a container to try…. READ MORE »

Friend Friday: Running From Demons by Megan Suthers

Title: Running from Demons Author: Megan Suthers Genre: Fiction Crime Release Date: May 9, 2014 Blurb: Erika moved to Minnesota and took a job as a paramedic to forget two things – the FBI case that ended in disaster and the partner she thought had betrayed her. For the five years after she left, she stumbled through… READ MORE »

Clever Crab Salad

In my area, we are fortunate to be able to get fresh crab meat in abundance. However, I use imitation crab for this dish because it’s perfect for it. I use flake style imitation crab meat from Sam’s Club. Because it has no flavor, I have to spice it up.   Clever Crab Salad  1.5 lbs fully cooked,… READ MORE »

Little Piggy Went to Market

I’ve written about my battle with losing that last 5, 10 lbs about a hundred times this year. Ok, it’s only been 3, but even so I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it. Probably about as tired as I am talking about it and feeling like such a loser for it… READ MORE »

Wedding Wednesday

The wedding timeline. WOW! There’s a lot of wedding crap on the Internet. It’s really fun and exciting but a lot to take in. I spent some time this week looking at timelines because that is one thing I don’t have a lot of and that’s time. So I need to be super organized and… READ MORE »

Netflix Junky

I admit that in the last couple years, after discovering instant streaming on Netflix, I have become a bit addicted to watching several years worth of episodes at a time. Not having the week break between episodes can make me lose track of what is really happening and what is in my current show. Ok,… READ MORE »

School Lockers

When I was in middle school I did enjoy a good brown paper bag book cover but I did not have an entire theme for decorating my locker. Either I completely missed the trend or it didn’t exist in the 80’s. I would like to think it didn’t exist. I mean surely I would have… READ MORE »

A Little Contest Fun: Win a Copy of Vows & Victims!

It’s Fabulous Friday and we’re having a little contest fun over the next few weeks! All you have to do is “Like” my Laina Turner – Author Facebook page and enter your email address and you’ll have an INSTANT CHANCE to win a copy of my latest Presley Thurman mystery – Vows & Victims! I’m… READ MORE »

Why choose soy candles over regular candles?

Have you ever heard of soy candles? Recently, they have become increasingly popular with candle-makers because the ingredients to make them are much more accessible, they are less harmful to the environment and the candles themselves burn longer than traditionally-made candles. Soy candles come in various fragrances, including tropical mango, island citrus and water lily just to… READ MORE »


Laina Turner

Laina Turner

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JR Terrier and the Big Break Launches March 25, 2014!

This season the Hollywood dreams of a little dog named Jack Russell Terrier are coming true and guess what, you have got the privilege to be a part of this journey along with him. Well friends, I am talking about the new book by famous author Tiffany Brianne named ‘JR Terrier and the Big Break’.   READ MORE