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The Ultimate Designer Giveaway

Today through November 27th, a  group of bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you a fabulous giveaway you can’t resist! We’re giving one precious follower a gift package consisting of a gold Ipad Mini, authentic Tory Burch tall boots, a luxury Coach handbag and scarf, all valued at approximately $1,815 (before taxes! By… Continue Reading

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Heaven never helps the man who will not act – Sophocles How often do people say “I wish I could” or “if only”? I say it all the time. Sometimes it is “I wish I could spend the week in the Bahamas” which let’s face it isn’t all that realistic and I’m just saying it… Continue Reading

Happiness Is…

Memories can trigger happiness, and we are coming into a big time of year for memories. We all experience it. A song comes on, a certain smell, something we’ve found hidden away and a flood of memories come rushing to you. Whether they’re happy or sad, it doesn’t matter. They are precious memories. When that… Continue Reading

Having a Positive Body Image

As a woman, I’ve struggled with body image at various times over the years. I would be surprised to meet someone of either sex who hasn’t. We’re human and even though it IS what’s on the inside that matters it’s normal to think (obsess) about what’s on the outside as well. I’d love to be… Continue Reading

What Are Your Biggest Blogging Struggles?

Photo Credit – Justin Luebke, UnSplash It’s November 9th. Which is about 5 minutes away from Thanksgiving and 10 minutes away from Christmas. How we zipped through the last 313 days is beyond me. I’m almost mad at how fast it’s gone. I love fall, and I don’t even remember September and October. I only… Continue Reading

C is for Clarity

Clarity = clearness of thought. I wish I had that more often. I have glimpses of clarity – is that even possible? How interesting, or not, life would be always having clarity. I think that sometimes having clarity may be overrated. Living in a haze of uncertainty can add an air of mystery. OK, maybe… Continue Reading

AAUGH! What To Blog About?

Do you ever have that moment when you sit down to blog and you have all these ideas swirling around in your head but yet when you go to actually put them into words you can’t think of a single thing to write. Either you don’t know how to out your thoughts into words or… Continue Reading

Fab 5 Friday – Favorite Pumpkin Desserts

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed that I have been pinning all things pumpkin related to my fall boards. Here are a few of my very favorite {cream cheese} pumpkin desserts that may or may not be making an appearance on our table this Thanksgiving! Marble Pumpkin Cheesecake “Two fall favorite… Continue Reading

Lower your voice

So I admit I do like to eavesdrop on strangers. Especially in an airport. It’s entertaining to try and figure out their “story” or to make assumptions. As a writer I get some of my best material from taking little nuggets I hear and making them into dialogue for one of my characters. Recently at… Continue Reading

Just Write

I meet a lot of people who when they find out I’m a writer tell me they have always wanted to write a book. When I ask why they haven’t, they usually say they don’t know how. My answer is always the same. To write a book just do it. Just sit down and write…. Continue Reading

Be Purposeful With Your Work

You know that saying measure twice, cut once? The point of that is to say be purposeful, plan carefully, and you will reduce the number of errors and time wasted re-doing things you should have done right the first time. Well…it’s not so much my strong suit. You can look back to my elementary school… Continue Reading