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Cliffs of Moher

This week I am in Doolin, Ireland so I plan to wow you more with my photos than with my words. Though the internet where I’m staying is less than be desired so if I stop posting this week it’s not because I didn’t want too but because I got so frustrated with the internet… READ MORE »

Blogging Business Plan Part 3: Actions

Today is the 3rd post in my 3 part blogging business plan series. #1 was the goal, #2 the roadmap, and #3 the actions. After you create a plan you need to be ready to act on it. I could come up with plans all day long, but I tend to get bogged down by… READ MORE »

Washington DC

I spent the last few days in Washington DC for a conference which was actually really good. You know conferences can be hit or miss on whether or not they are valuable. I was excited to go, I love DC, but my trip got off to a rocky start Saturday. Plane delay because the United… READ MORE »

Corned Beef and Cupcakes

I admit I’m not one of those all gung ho St. Patrick’s day people but I do appreciate the chance to make food in honor of this holiday. We always have the traditional corned beef, slow cooked in Guinness and brown sugar. I love me some corned beef.  This year I found an absolutely to… READ MORE »

Q is for quipu

Meaning knotted cords used as Inca mnemonic device. Really?? $5 bucks for anyone who knew that***     ***the author of this blog was drinking wine at the time of writing this and can’t be held responsible for BWD (blogging while drinking)

Does history have to repeat itself?

It’s interesting to look at how things tend to have a consistent life cycle. Although they may go dormant at times, chances are if you wait long enough they will cycle around again. It happens in fashion all time much to my dismay sometimes. But what about when you don’t want history to repeat itself… READ MORE »

Blogging Business Plan Part 2: Roadmap

You read my post about figuring out your blogging goals last week so now it’s time to start putting them into a plan.  Your business plan is a road map or GPS. A path to follow in order to get somewhere. Personally, I’ve found it at times to be a life vest. When I’m paralyzed… READ MORE »

Stilettos & Scoundrels – a cozy mystery

I am excited to announce that the 4th edition of Stilettos & Scoundrels, a Presley Thurman cozy mystery, is now available. This was my first book and originally came out in the spring of 2009 in paperback. E-books were just starting to gain popularity and I was one of the holdouts who didn’t want to… READ MORE »

Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

I love anything cinnamon. Cinnamon toast, cinnamon coffee, cinnamon coffee cake, and cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon and sugar has to be about the best combination there is. Usually, I make my cinnamon rolls from a can. And boy do I enjoy that popping sound when I tear the paper off the tube. But then I decided… READ MORE »

Go Bananas!

I’m not the best cook in the world but I LOVE to bake. I was blessed with 2 AMAZING grandmothers who I spent a lot of time with and they taught me so much. I don’t bake as much as I would like, mainly because I don’t need to eat a bunch of baked goods…. READ MORE »

Building Yourself

The way to gain a good reputation (notoriety for some particular characteristic), is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. – Socrates We all want to have a good reputation. It can be as a business person, a parent, significant other, or friend. We want want to be known for doing the right… READ MORE »