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Time to Order Your Holiday Photo Cards!

It amazes me that even though we’ve pretty much eliminated snail-mail from our lives, there are still a few occasions where sending a card through the mail is deemed the “norm” and is highly encouraged. One of these occasions is during the holidays — it seems like everyone still sends a holiday photo card. And… READ MORE »

What’s In My Closet

While I don’t wear a lot of animal print, they just doesn’t seem to look good on me, I love this simple dress that I bought a couple years ago from Kohls. When I started the What I Wore/What’s in My Closet series (I couldn’t decide what name I liked best) it was to systematically… READ MORE »

Tasty Tuesday: Buffalo Falafel Wraps with Garlic Blue Cheese Fries

It’s been way too long since I’ve added a Tasty Tuesday post and the dinner I made the other night is so worth telling you all about! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE anything buffalo-style! Maybe it’s the fact that I’m pregnant and I’m having secret cravings for this type of food, but I… READ MORE »

Easy Frosted Pastries

I’m not the type of cook who does pretty. It’s more about easy. My food is usually edible even if it doesn’t look all that great. At my soon to be brother-in-laws wedding last year, my soon to be mother-in-law (STBMIL) had a friend who made this amazing dessert (how’s that for a convoluted start… READ MORE »

Fall Fashion Buys: Women’s Coats & Sweaters

There’s no doubt about it now — it’s definitely Fall and the colder weather is here! Need to spruce up your wardrobe for the season? Check out some of our favorite picks for women’s coats and sweaters! Green Cutout Back Sweater Dress This is a super adorable long sweater dress from American Eagle. Love the… READ MORE »

Get 5 Cozy Mysteries for only .99 cents

In this 2nd box set you get Presley Thurman Cozy Mysteries 5-10 all in one great bundle! Tiaras & Texans Presley wins a bet with Cooper and thinks she finally is going to get her chance to work with him. She knows she’s got the potential to be a good security detail for his company. She’s miffed… READ MORE »

Fab 5 Friday

 Here are just a fraction of all the fabulous posts I saw around the web this week. Living in Yellow – Creativity Killers….Because I suffer this all the time. Mix and Match Mama – Sweet Corn Chili…This looks amazing and I will be trying! Helene in Between – Using PicMonkey For Your Blog…This is a… READ MORE »

5 Steps To Take When You’re Overwhelmed With Clutter

That’s me/my house right now. We moved into our rental house July 1st as a temporary solution for a year so we would have time to buy a new one. So I admit I wasn’t overly motivated to unpack right away and organize. However, I have been noticing that the last few weeks the house… READ MORE »

Creating your brand as a blogger

Branding. You may have thought about it or maybe not. Regardless of which camp you fall into if you are serious about your business as a blogger than you NEED to make it a priority. I know what you must be thinking. I’m just blogging here. What do I need a brand for? Well, you… READ MORE »

What’s In My Closet

I love eBay. In fact, after years of working in retail I hate paying full price for anything so love Goodwill and eBay where I can find great bargains. This dress was a find. Michael Kors I got it for 2.99. Now there are some things that I do buy new. Mainly because I can’t… READ MORE »

Espresso Bellavitano Crescent Rolls

One of the many great things that have come out of my relationship with my fiancé is Sartori cheese. I can’t believe I made it to my late 30’s without having discovered this amazing stuff. There are many different kinds, all good in my opinion, so when my fiancé showed me their recipe website I… READ MORE »