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Fab 5 Friday – Business Tips

10 Tips for the First-Time Business Owner “Say it in 30 seconds or don’t say it at all. From a chance encounter with an investor to a curious customer, always be ready to pitch your business. State your mission, service and goals in a clear and concise manner. Fit the pitch to the person. Less… Continue Reading

Timing Is Everything

I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason, timing is everything, if it’s meant to be it will happen…etc etc etc. I believe in signs, karma, and the law of attraction. So with that said I’m rebranding and relaunching my Empire one more time this year and it’s bound to be a… Continue Reading

How do you stretch your dollar?

The thing about money is that for many of us who aren’t professional athletes, actors, or Warren Buffet, there is only so much of it to go around. We all have the main household expenses we can’t get away from like housing, transportation, food, and other common items that are bad enough (the cost of… Continue Reading

Finally! All Moved In!

This weekend was the home stretch for moving. Finally. We bought the house in May. Moved in early June but only half way in half the house. We had to do a complete cosmetic update to the first floor and an entire configuration and remodel on the second floor. It was finally finished and passed… Continue Reading

Fab 5 Friday – Blogging Tips and Tricks

5 Tips for Running a Successful Blog And I need to read your blog why? “Give people a reason to care. You are in competition with every other distraction on the Internet. Your beautifully written sonnet must joust for attention against Miley Cyrus with a kitten.” 15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog Blogging gives… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Spark Creativity

I have the best job in the world. As a blogger and an author, I get to do my favorite things, and that’s write and make up stories. I have people ask me where I get my ideas. I totally blame my parents for only having one child and since when I was growing up… Continue Reading

September Goals (and August recap)

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! It was super hot here. Just the way I like it. You may have noticed (or not) that I was “off” most of last week. I apologize if you were sad and lonely with my posts to read, but I promise it was for a good cause, and… Continue Reading

Fab 5 Friday – Office Supplies

Vintage Waste Can “Enjoy the charm of rustic wire storage without the rust.” If I have to throw away notes and pieces of handwritten reminders, I am at least going to do it in style! Mini Medley of Soft Cover Notebooks, Set of 10 It is easy to keep working when shuffling the kids back… Continue Reading

Fab 5 Friday – celebrity authors

1.The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou – This is the fourth book in Angelou’s series of seven autobiographies and takes place at a critical time in her life, as well as an historic time for the United States. The brilliant poet details her one-on-one experience with Dr. Martin Luther King as well as… Continue Reading

That’s Not My Suitcase – Available Today!

Sterling Towne decided to take a last minute vacation to a sunny paradise to cheer herself up after a divorce. When the airline misplaces her luggage, she thinks it’s just a typical airline snafu until she gets her luggage back only to find out it’s not hers. Rather the suitcase belongs to someone who thought… Continue Reading

What’s YOUR Why?

Why? This word can be one of the most annoying words in the English language. At least it can be if you have inquisitive kids. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to go to bed? Why can’t I have another cookie? Why is my brother so annoying? And so on. But the… Continue Reading