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April Giveaway Fun: Review Laina’s book and be entered to win a $100 gift card!

Looking for a new cozy mystery to read this month? During the entire month of April, you will be entered to win a $100 gift card by downloading a FREE copy of Laina’s book –  A Day in the Life of Trixie Pristine - and writing a review on Amazon or iTunes. We’ll announce the winner… READ MORE »

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Fashionable and Affordable Sunglasses

I wear my sunglasses at night…..Ok…not really but I LOVED that song when I was in grade school!           Sunglasses are one of those items that are both fashion and function. I know for me personally even on semi cloudy days I wear sunglasses because my eyes are sensitive to the… READ MORE »

Best Laid Plans

I say that because it is Wednesday. I leave for a semi vacation on Friday and yet I am hopelessly behind when my goal this week was to get ahead so I could actually enjoy my vacation rather than have to work during it. In my defense my daughter was sick with strep Sunday, Monday,… READ MORE »

Turning 40: Without a Plan

In the back of my mind, there is always the sequence of events I would live out “if my life were a movie.” Here’s an example: The lady next to me in Zumba class is encroaching on my personal space bubble – you know that song Don’t Stand So Close To Me? Yeah, that’s me…. READ MORE »

April is here

Happy April Fool’s day! While I’m not one for pranks, which is what we normally associate this day with, I do love the first day of the month. Any month. It’s like a fresh start 12 times a year. Today is even better because it’s actually nice out. Indiana has been hit hard with crazy… READ MORE »


A few months ago, I found myself at a serious crossroad. As my relationship with my significant other began to fail, two life-changing relocation opportunities presented themselves to me. While both states of choice held the opportunity for a fresh start, one of the relocation options offered the unique opportunity to potentially save my relationship…. READ MORE »

This is Not a Hobby – Taking Yourself Seriously as a Business Owner

“This is not a hobby” is something I say over and over to myself on a daily basis. When you first start a business or launch a product, everything is new and exciting. It feels like a new project off Pinterest. But there comes a point when this “hobby” becomes a business. I’m not sewing… READ MORE »

Florida Fun

My junior corespondent, Allie, allowing us to share her great Florida vacation through pictures.

DIY Project: Spruce up your wood paneling with paint!

If your house was built in the 60′s or 70′s, chances are your house has wood paneling in at least one room! Our house was built in 1924, but the previous owners added a den/office off the master bedroom and my guess is it was constructed during this time period. I don’t know about you,… READ MORE »

12 Seasonings and Spices You Should Be Using

Once upon a time, I couldn’t tell you much about spices and seasonings and what they should be used for. Or what should be matched up with what. I know better now and even my mother oohs and aahs when she visits and opens up my spice cabinet. Allow me to break down 12 of… READ MORE »

Friday Favorites

We all have those things we love and take everywhere. The things we couldn’t even fathom being without for any extended period of time. Here are my top 5. Laptop – I have 2. A 13” Mac Book Pro and an 11” Mac Book Air. I had a Chomebook before the air and it just… READ MORE »

DIY: Girls Spa Birthday Party!

This past weekend, we celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday with 11 of her kindergarten friends from school. I wanted to come up with a unique idea that isn’t the traditional birthday party – something different than going to Monkey Joe’s, a gymnastics party, Sky Zone, etc. So, this year, I did some research and get… READ MORE »


Laina Turner

Laina Turner

Laina’s Fabulous Loves: Coffee, wine, hot yoga, hanging with my kids, writing, blogging, and helping other fabulous women to their true path of success.     READ MORE


JR Terrier and the Big Break Launches March 25, 2014!

This season the Hollywood dreams of a little dog named Jack Russell Terrier are coming true and guess what, you have got the privilege to be a part of this journey along with him. Well friends, I am talking about the new book by famous author Tiffany Brianne named ‘JR Terrier and the Big Break’.   READ MORE